If you haven’t bought an Xbox One or Xbox One X console yet, but you consider doing so you have to ask yourself one important question: is it still worth buying either of these consoles, or you’re better off waiting for the release of Xbox Scarlett – the next generation console in the works at Microsoft.

The decision between buying an Xbox One or waiting for Xbox Scarlett depends on a multitude of factors and the answer is, unfortunately, not easy to give.

In today’s article, we’ll try to cover all the aspects related to the fight between the Xbox One and Xbox One X, as well as the possibility of waiting for the Scarlett console to hit the market.

The main problem with the Xbox Scarlett is that it’s still a couple of years away. Based on recent reports, the next Xbox will be released in 2020, most likely closer to the winter holidays. This means that you’d still have to do quite a bit of waiting before getting your hands on an Xbox!

But is it worth waiting for the Xbox Scarlett instead of getting an Xbox One or Xbox One X?

It might not be, and here are some reasons why:

1. First of all, I would like to completely cut off this list the original Xbox One. It is mostly obsolete since the original has been launched all the way back in 2013 and, despite the S upgrade back in 2016, it’s still running mostly on technology from 2013. That’s way too old today and, despite the fact that you can get it for a decent price, there’s really no advantage from owning an Xbox One.

2. Things change a bit with the Xbox One X. This one, being released in 2017, offers a major upgrade in terms of technical specifications and capabilities over the original and it can be compared to a mid-range gaming PC today. Which isn’t really bad, in the end.

Most likely, when it comes to this current generation of Xbox consoles, this is the best you’re going to get. Since Microsoft is already working on the next generation, it’s very unlikely that they will improve the current one in the near or far future.

An Xbox One X sells for anything between $450 to $480 these days, so it would be this investment you’d have to make in the console that you will only use for the next two years or three at most. But you will still be able – although not guaranteed – to sell it and get some cash back when the Xbox Scarlett hits the market.

Games are still looking great on the Xbox One!

3. When the Xbox Scarlett launches, it will surely outperform the current Xbox and have better specifications and certainly more to offer. BUT the actual time difference between the two models is not that big: it will be just three years then and I strongly believe that the number of games that will be released only for the Scarlett and not the One X will be very, very small at least in the first year.

So you would still get, most likely, at least 4 years of gaming on the Xbox One X. Which is not that bad, because if you really want an Xbox and you don’t have one, waiting until 2020 is a long time.

4. And let’s not forget that, at the moment, the 2020 release date of Microsoft’s Scarlett Xbox is just a rumor. Sony – their main rival – has announced that they have no plans to release a new console until 2021. And although there’s always been a race between the two companies to launch the next generation console first, Microsoft might end up launching it in 2021 as well.

5. And no matter when it launches, it usually is not the best idea to buy from the first batch of any release. There might be bugs or problems that passed unseen during the extensive quality checks which might result in headaches, waiting for replacements or waiting for service time.

It’s usually a good idea to wait a bit after a new console hits the market, analyze the offer of games for it and most importantly check out expert reviews of the new gadget. And eventually wait to see what the competition has to offer as well…

So… Xbox One X or Xbox Scarlett?

If you want an Xbox now or as soon as possible, remember that it’s still 2018 and 2020 is pretty far away. On an Xbox One X, you’ll be able to play all games released so far and the ones to be released in the upcoming two years. Even more, if the past is to be considered a rule, most of the new games for the next generation console will also be released for the Xbox One X, so you will probably add at least 1 more year of life for your console.

If you’re in no hurry, if you already have the original Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 that you’re mostly satisfied with, it might be better to just wait a bit longer and get the Xbox Scarlett instead.

But otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. Who knows what happens 2 or 3 years from now? If you want an Xbox, get it now and don’t wait for the Scarlett to come out. That’s what I’d do. Do you agree or not?


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