how to watch facebook stories anonymously

How to Watch Someone’s Facebook Story without Them Knowing

Sometimes, you just want to watch a Facebook story anonymously, for whatever reasons you might have. But this isn't an easy thing...
Google to do list Template

Google To Do List: How to Create One in Google Docs

Creating a to do list in Google Docs is a really easy thing to do. I am here today to walk you...
How to Download instagram stories without them knowing

Here’s How to Watch Someone’s Instagram Story Without them Knowing (2020 Update)

There are moments in our lives when we just want to watch someone's Instagram story without them knowing. It doesn't matter if...

How to Prevent Spotify from Opening on Startup

Are you upset that Spotify opens on startup even though disabled? This is something that is happening more often than you'd think...
how to add checkbox in microsoft word

How to Insert a Checkbox in Word

Once you know how to do it, inserting a checkbox in Microsoft Word is a very simple process. But unless you know...

How to Make Old Games and Programs Run on Windows 10

Progress is awesome indeed and new operating systems bring in a lot of new features. But at the same time, they are...

How to Stop Your Wallpaper from Moving on Your iPhone Screen

The iPhone (and iPad as well) has a nifty little feature that allows it to "feel" when you move your device and...

How to Disable OK Google / Hey Google on Your Android Phone

Voice commands and searches are becoming more and more popular, but not everybody wants to be force-fed with them.

SearchUI.exe / Cortana High CPU Usage: How to Fix the Problem

One major problem that came bundled with the latest Windows 10 update is a huge increase in CPU usage from SearchUI.exe which...

How to Fix Crackling Speakers that Make Popping Sounds

Hearing popping or crackling sounds from your speakers can be extremely scary and annoying, especially if the volume is high - the...

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