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How to Fix YouTube App Logging Out of the Xbox One

How to Fix YouTube App Logging Out of the Xbox One

Relying on consoles as a primary source of entertainment is nothing new—many use their PlayStations and Xboxes for accessing streaming websites like YouTube. However, Xbox One users continue to encounter one persistent and frustrating issue: YouTube keeps logging them out every half hour.

While you can quickly log back in, repeatedly doing so can become a headache. If you want to avoid losing access to your playlists and favorite channels, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn how to keep the YouTube app from logging out of your Xbox One.

Trying to Download the YouTube App on Xbox One Be Like - YouTube

Why Does YouTube Keep Logging Out on My Xbox One?

The Xbox One is susceptible to connectivity issues, which could be the culprit as to why you can’t stay logged into YouTube. As such, users with a low-bandwidth Internet connection may be prone to these random issues.

Other potential causes might include the following:

  • Corrupted YouTube app installation
  • Corrupted Xbox One profile
  • Cached temporary data
  • Pending software updates
  • Microsoft account inconsistency

Troubleshooting the YouTube Logout Problem

The YouTube glitch requires a straightforward fix. All you have to do is uninstall the YouTube app on your Xbox One and reinstall it—that’s it!

Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube app icon on your Xbox One. Hit the hamburger menu on your controller (the three parallel lines).
  2. Select “Manage App” from the options, then “Uninstall All” to confirm your action.
  3. After uninstalling the app, go to the Microsoft Store, search for the YouTube App, and install it again.

That’s it! Now you can stay logged into YouTube on your Xbox One all day. You can also try these alternate options:

  • Update your Xbox One to the latest software version. The Console Info and Updates option is in the System tab through Settings. 
  • Clear your cache to prevent your console from slowing down and glitching. Navigate to Console Settings, then Persistent Storage. Click on Clear Persistent Storage. 
  • Log out of your Xbox One profile and log back in.
  • Perform a power cycle by pressing and holding the Xbox button for 10 seconds until the LED light on your console stops flashing. Wait a minute and unplug the console from the main switch, plugging it in after another minute. 
  • Reset your Microsoft account password.
  • Open YouTube in the Edge browser on your Xbox.