Why launch a new technology blog when there are millions out there already? Well, because this dinosaur is millions-years old and knows it better! He wants to learn more, he wants to teach you everything that he knows and he’s always amazed by the ever changing world and all the new technology advances that the world is getting. And when there are a million already, there’s always room for one more!

Now putting dinosaurs away, it’s time talk the real talk. Who are we? “We” are a one-man team. A geek, a nerd, a gamer and fantasy novel reader. I have a passion for everything that’s even remotely related to technology, no matter if it’s a good zombie novel, a new wearable or the geekiest action toy the world has ever seen. And keeping that passion just for myself seems like waste of time, when there might be more people interested in the same thing.

With Techosaurus Rex, I am planning to do things a bit differently: I won’t overdo the news, because you already have your tech news sources out there and just another voice to say the same things with different words makes no sense. Instead, I will try to find and bring you brand new articles on brand new stuff that you didn’t know about. And when I can’t do that (probably most of the time) I will deliver honest reviews, list that will help you choose the best product in a given category, tips & tricks and, well, anything that is related to this huge world of tech and can be useful. Oh, and toys.

So thanks for being part of this. Now it’s time to feed the Techosaurus Rex with some brand new gadgets, because he’s hungry for information. If you are too, you are more than welcome to hop on board and have fun. It’s no Jurassic Park, but it’s still amazing!