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PS4 Fan too Loud and Overheating? Here Is How to Fix It

It’s not uncommon for PS4 consoles to get very hot and have their fans produce a sound similar to that of a loud vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, in many cases it doesn’t require you to send your PlayStation 4 back and replace it and we’re here to help you learn how to fix a loud PS4 fan and overheating console.

Usually, the PS4 gets loud after months of usage and people automatically thing that it’s about to die on them.

However, this might not always be the case and even if you kept your console in a nicely ventilated and clean area, it might still be the well known enemy that causes your PlayStation 4 to be loud and hot: dust.

Basically, all you have to do in order to fix a loud PS4 is to clean it and make sure that all dust accumulation is gone. This is actually something that everybody should do as maintenance as well in order to help their console live for as long as possible.

Please have in mind that following the steps below will void your warranty. So if you don’t want to risk anything, don’t do it and just send it to an authorized service or try to go for a replacement. But if your console is out of warranty, it’s easy to do.

Now here is what you have to do in order to clean your PlayStation 4 and get some quiet times after you turn it on (there’s also a video tutorial below to make things even easier):

1. Turn your console upside down and remove the stickers covering the screws at the back, then unscrew the three screws at the bottom.

2. After removing the screws, carefully remove the bottom half of your PS4.

3. Now you have access to the insides of your console. But before that, use a dust towel to clean the cover if it’s dirty, as well as the vent area opening as dust in these areas can also cause overheating.

Note: Before attempting next step, make sure you never blow air/dust towards the disk drive (where you insert your game disks and Blu Rays!)

4. What you’ll want to focus on now is your console’s fan. There are more ways to clean it, but I recommend using a simple cotton swab and clean each blade separately on both sides.

This is time consuming, but does the best job of all the methods and gives you a lot more time until you have to clean it again.

Afterwards, I recommend using a compressed air vacuum (canned air) to blow away all the dust that still remains inside. As an alternative here if you don’t have a compressed air vacuum, you can use a vacuum to just such out all the dust inside.

5. After doing this, I recommend letting your PS4 sit for about 30 minutes – we have to do this in order to avoid any potential liquids (from the air can, for example) damaging the console if we turn it back on immediately.

6. After the 30 minutes have passed, simply attach the cover back on with the screws and you’re all set. This is all you have to do to fix a loud fan on a PlayStation 4!

Now here is a video tutorial from GTRBytes on how to clean your PS4 and fix the loud fan and overheating problems (plus an additional step if you want to go even more in depth with you console cleaning and clean the power supply as well):

Hopefully you find this useful and our guide helps you get your console back in top shape!



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