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New Apple Lightning EarPods for iPhone 7: the Future of Headphones

The whole world went crazy a while ago when the first reports came in, suggesting that Apple is dropping the headphones jack from the iPhone 7 and most likely all upcoming iPhone and iPad models. People made fun of them, while others were angry and everybody was curious to see how will Apple deal with the fact that there will be, basically, no way to connect a classic set of headphones to your device.

Although the consensus was that wireless/bluetooth headphones will be Apple’s answer, the company decided to surprise everybody once again and it all seems everything but officially confirmed following a major leak of the iPhone 7 headphones: the Lightning EarPods from Apple, or the future of headphones / earphones.

What does this mean? It means that wired headphones are not killed by Apple, but instead of plugging them into a traditional 3.5 jack, you will insert them into the device’s Lightning port. This, of course, means that most of the headphones on the market right now won’t work with the new iPhone 7 unless you get some sort of adapter. Or you decide to get brand new phones from Apple, making them poor folks some extra money. Smart move by Apple, in the end.

Here is how the supposed Lightning EarPods should look like:

apple iphone 7 lightning earphones 01

The images of the leaked Lightning Ear Pods for the iPhone 7 have initially surfaced on Chinese website Weibo and they could be fakes. But people tend to believe that they are not and they indeed do make a lot of sense. But we’ll know for sure pretty soon, when Apple officially announces the iPhone 7, most likely sometime in September.


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