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iPhone 7 Features Dual Camera, Smart Connector, no Headphones Jack

iPhone 7 Features Dual Camera, Smart Connector, no Headphones Jack

Apple seems to be on the quest of removing as many traditional options from new iPhone (or Macbook) models as possible, to the surprise of fans and critics all over the world. However, even though most people raise their eyebrow at first, Apple always manages to make it work and proves that there are still options to do what we’re used to do – more modern ones.

The latest rumors and alleged leaks regarding the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models are quite impressive. According to them, the new iPhone model will feature a Dual Camera, a Smart Connector and it will have no headphone jack. Hmmm…

The folks over at Uswitch managed to get their hands on some design schematics for the upcoming iPhone 7, which can be seen below:

iphone 7 plus model

Apparently, this is the schematic for the iPhone 7 Plus (sometimes dubbed iPhone 7 Pro), which features the larger, oval-shaped dual-lense camera which will take better photos and videos. There’s also a smart connector on its back, similar to the one present on the recently launched iPad Pro. However, both these features will apparently be available to the larger iPhone 7s, and not the base one.

There’s also no headphones jack present, so you will have to find other options, like wireless headphones. Since we’re all used with the wired ones, it will take a bit to accept the idea, but I am sure that in the long run, things will change and wireless headphones – or other modern approaches – will be the norm. Still, it’s an interesting move from Apple and a pretty risky one as well, even though I doubt there will be many fans of their device who won’t buy it just because of this change, especially since the Plus/Pro model will feature the Smart Connector which opens up the door for many extra gadgets and goodies.

Take all the information presented here with a pinch of salt, as there’s no official confirmation that any of these are true. However, they most likely are, so we have reasons to be excited! We’ll see for sure in a few months when Apple finally launches their new iPhone model.

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