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Light Phone: the Anti-Smartphone that Plans to Cure Your Smartphone Addiction

Light Phone: the Anti-Smartphone that Plans to Cure Your Smartphone Addiction

Smartphones are everywhere and more and more people seem to get addicted to them. Just raise your eyes from your phone from a moment and look around you: you will see that most people around you have their eyes glued to their smartphone’s screen.

It happens everywhere and, as a result, more and more people are starting to look into ways of curing their smartphone addiction.

A start-up company from Brooklyn, New Lab, is planning to give us a helping hand by launching an incredibly good looking phone: the Light Phone.

A minimalist, credit card sized device, the Light Phone looks amazing and only does a few things: it sends calls and it receives calls. It also shows time, but apart from that, it doesn’t seem to do anything else.

The anti-smartphone aka the Light Phone won’t connect to the internet, won’t allow you to browse Facebook or Twitter or whatever you use to waste your time with nowadays – it doesn’t even have a traditional display or screen. And yes, it looks great with its minimalist design!

The minimalist Light Phone easily fits your wallet.

The minimalist Light Phone easily fits inside your wallet.

The Light Phone is really intriguing to say the least. Created to be actually used as little as possible, the product is described by its manufacturers as the “phone away from phone”.

It’s not a traditional mobile phone, it’s not a real smartphone – it really is THE CURE. It is a minimalist device that helps you get your life back, get some real human interaction and probably enjoy life more.

And, yes, this phone is a bit strange!

The Light Phone seems to connect to your smartphone and forwards calls from there. According to its description on the phone’s official page, it can only store 9 speed-dial numbers.

All outbound calls will use your existing phone number, so there’s no need for switching SIM cards or getting new contracts in order to use it. A smart move!

The phone's functions and design explained

The phone’s functions and design explained

The minimalist phone certainly has its appeal for those looking to cut out the distractions out of their lives and get back the control over their own lives. I really like it – I already started cutting off on Facebook and social media – so it’s right up my alley.

However, with the device being priced at $150 and important details missing – the most important being related to its battery life – I am not 100% sure that this is exactly what I need right now.

I mean, I could buy a traditional mobile phone for a fraction of this price and still have no distractions from internet stuff and apps. Sure, it would not look as nice as this one, but still…

What do you think though about the Light Phone? Could it be just the first in a series of anti-smartphone products?

Do you think that this is what the world needs right now and would you use it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!