How to Fix Facebook Not Loading Your Post’s Meta Description & Image on Your Page


One of the most annoying things that Facebook page owners have to deal with is trying to share a post on the Facebook page and it not displaying correctly. On most occasions, Facebook doesn’t load the featured image, but on some more extreme occasions, Facebook doesn’t seems to see the meta description at all.

In other words, when you try to share your nice post on your Facebook page, all you get is an ugly post, formatted like nothing anyone would click on. Usually, it’s no image with just listed there and no description. That’s horrible.

So how to fix that? How to fix Facebook’s image not loading on post error? Or, if you are a bit more unlucky, how to fix the even worse problem when Facebook doesn’t even load the title or description of your post? Read on to find out.

The easy fix for images that won’t load

To me, this is starting to be the norm. In most cases, Facebook doesn’t “see” the featured image of an article that I am trying to share. But I found out that if I simply refresh the Facebook page a few times (usually just once), it will eventually load the image and everything will look perfect.

If the image still doesn’t appear, even after trying 2-3 times with the refresh method, you also have another option, as well as the meta information (the post title and its own description) is loaded: simply upload the image manually to Facebook by clicking the + icon below the article you’re trying to share.

However, if things are a bit more complicated and the meta information is not loaded at all or if the above fixes simply don’t work, you’ll have to go a bit more in depth – but it’s still easy.

How to fix Facebook not loading the meta information

If this happens and when you share the link Facebook only shows “” with no description, no nice URL and no image, this means that there was an error along the way. Also, this can’t be fixed by refreshing and even editing the title and uploading your own image won’t make it look good because you won’t have a real description of the article.

However, you can give it one more try by using the Facebook Debugging Tool (click to visit)

All you have to do is to visit that page and paste the URL that you’re having trouble loading on Facebook and hit the Debug Button.

You will get some nice information there about your article and how Facebook sees it. It won’t be much if you had the errors, and most likely Facebook will show some sort of warnings. Ignore everything and simply look for the “Scrape Again” button near the “Time Scraped” tab:

This will force Facebook to reload all data for the url and it will now get your Article’s title and meta description and most likely the featured image as well. If it still doesn’t get the featured image, just go back to your Facebook page and paste the link once or twice: it will show up eventually.

If, even after using the Facebook Debugging Tool, your link still doesn’t work properly, then it’s a problem on your side, most likely. Either the server is down or the theme you’re using (or maybe a plugin) is causing some sort of problems. However, these rarely are the causes and in 99% of the cases you will easily fix everything with the debugging tool.

So now you know what to do when Facebook doesn’t load your article’s image or the entire meta information for your articles. I wrote this because it started to happen more and more often recently. This usually happens when Facebook are working on introducing new features or making new changes, so we can only be excited: this probably means that new exciting stuff will come to us soon. Hopefully an improvement.


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