How to Block Photos and Videos on Twitter


Are you tired of all the photos and videos invading Twitter lately? Do you feel nostalgic about the times when Twitter was nothing but short lines of text? Hiding or blocking photos and videos on Twitter is not difficult to do and if you really want to have it done, I have the complete guide for it.

The problem with blocking photos or videos (or both) on Twitter is that you will miss on some potentially important updates since most people have switched to using it. The good thing about this is that Twitter will load a lot faster. Also, if you are on a mobile connection and you have limited data available, this will definitely save you a ton in terms of internet data.

So in the end it’s up for you to decide it you want to keep or hide the photos and videos on Twitter. And if it’s the latter, then you’re in luck as I have the complete guide for you below. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out how to do it!

Method 1: Use Twitter Lite

The mobile version of Twitter has an option to allow you to turn off all media on the platform. You can access the mobile version, known as Twitter Lite, here and you can safely & easily use it on your computer as well.

Once there, simply tap your profile image and in the menu that appears, turn on the Data saver option:

The best part about this built-in feature is that it doesn’t remove the images or videos completely. Instead, you get a very blurred image instead, letting you know that there’s such a thing with the tweet and also allowing you to get an impression of what it’s all about. You can see the image easily by clicking the Load Image button appearing on it.

So using this method, you don’t really hide all images and videos on your Twitter timeline, but you do get a faster Twitter and end up using less data. Plus, you have the advantage of being able to see the images you are interested in.

Method 2: Using a browser extension

Chrome users

This method allows you to completely hide the images or videos on the social platform. However, it only works on Chrome browsers as it is a Chrome extension that must be installed in order to make it work. If you’re using Firefox, we’ve got you covered as well (just scroll down)

But back to this tested method, you will have to install the Twean extension for the platform. Simply click the link, install it and activate it.

You even have more options on what you’d like it to hide. Apart from the images and videos, this can also hide promoted tweets, people and trends, trends only or who to follow recommendations. All in all, it’s a really useful extension that you can turn on and off as you please. However, it completely removes the images and videos and in most cases you won’t even know that they are there (as you do with Twitter Lite)

Firefox users

If you’re using this browser to do your internet stuff, you can install an add-on called Hide Twitter Guff. This works just like the Chrome extension above: it hides unnecessary stuff like who to follow and trends. It no longer gives the option to hide images and videos, but hopefully that feature will make its way to the add on soon.

So in the end, it’s the Chrome users who get the better deal when it comes to hiding the images as Firefox no longer has an add on for that at the moment of writing this article. But you can still use Twitter Lite and your life will be a lot easier!


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