Facebook Messenger: How to Delete Messages / Conversations or Archive Them


If, for whatever reason, you want to delete a specific message on Facebook Messenger or even delete entire conversations from Facebook, it is possible. You can also archive your conversations if you don’t want to go the drastic way of completely losing them and we’re here to tell you how.

So in today’s article we are going to learn how to delete individual messages on Faceboook Messenger, as well as how to delete entire conversations or archive them.

Let’s start with the first: how to delete individual messages on Facebook Messenger.

This only works in the mobile app – Facebook Messenger – and not the computer/laptop version of Facebook’s messaging platform. So in order to delete a single message, simply launch the Messenger app on your mobile phone.

Next, open the conversation you want a message deleted from, then tap and hold the message you want to delete. A few options will appear at the bottom:

Select “Delete” then confirm deletion of that particular message from the conversation:

And this is it! You have now deleted a message from your conversation on Facebook messenger. You can do that with sent messages (yours) or received messages (from the person you were chatting with) and once deleted, the messages can’t be recovered.

However, a deleted message only disappears from your archive, so if you sent a message or photo you regret sending, unfortunately it still remains in the archive of the person you sent it to and there is no way to delete it from their app.

How to delete entire conversations on Facebook Messenger or Archive them

This is also an easy thing to do and deleting entire conversations or archiving them can also be done on the laptop or computer version, when you are logged in to Facebook.

The benefit of archiving a conversation over deleting it is that you can still access it at a later time, while deleted conversations are gone forever. Archived conversations disappear from your messenger history, but come back whenever a new message is sent to or from that person.

In order to delete or archive an entire conversation on Facebook for desktop or laptop, follow the next steps:

1. Click the Messages button in the top bar and then click “See all in Messenger”

2. Select the conversation that you want to delete or archive by clicking it in the left sidebar, then click the cogwheel in the upper left corner of the window:

3. From there, simply select the option that you want to go for: Archive or Delete. If you go with the latter, you will have to confirm deletion once again. And this is all you have to do!

How to archive or delete a conversation on Facebook Messenger App

It’s also extremely easy to achieve the same thing on Facebook Messenger for mobile. So launch the app on your phone and tap and hold the conversation you want deleted or archived.

The menu seen above will appear, and all you have to do is to select either “Archive” or “Delete”. It’s that easy!

When you either delete or archive a conversation on Facebook, your friend won’t be told that you have done this, but as we said earlier, the conversations or specific messages won’t be deleted on their devices as well, only on yours. Still better than nothing if you have some secrets to keep!


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