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We can’t activate windows on this device. Try again later.

We can’t activate windows on this device. Try again later.

Many Windows users make this error. It would be best to reactivate Windows after replacing a major component like the motherboard. It may occur with this easy process.

In this article, we have listed all the possible causes of your issue and their answers in a simple troubleshooting structure that you must follow in sequence.

The Main Problem Causes for the Error: We can’t activate windows on this device. Try again later.

We can't activate windows on this device. Try again later.

If you change your hardware, insert an erroneous product key, or use a fraudulent license, you may get this issue—other possible reasons. Try again.

The leading causes of this Windows reactivation problem are:

Major Hardware Changes

Windows installs the digital license on your machine’s hardware.

When you replace hardware like the CPU or motherboard, Windows cannot get a commission.

Product Key Use Exceeds Limit

One product activation key activates several PCs. Invalid keys will cause errors.

A Windows Version Product Key not part of the Edition will cause errors.

Windows activation keys are customized for each version and build. Windows 10 and 11 cannot be activated using a valid Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 license key.

Thus, mismatching edition licenses may cause an error message.

The Product Key Is Invalid.

Correct keys need to be corrected. Manually entering the key might create this issue if you miss a value or change a key. Invalid keys cannot activate Windows.

Malware/Driver Infections

We can't activate windows on this device. Try again later.

Malware may corrupt activation files, preventing activation.

Malware and viruses may damage system drivers, removing driver support.

Reactivating Windows may fail. System file and registry errors might hinder activation.

Fake License

Tampered licenses prevent Microsoft operating systems from activating.

How And Where to Fix This Problem

Troubleshooting actions like restarting and installing new drivers may fix Windows reactivation issues. Below are the best solutions.

Windows Activation Problems: Computer Preparation

  • Preparing your PC is the preliminary step in troubleshooting. You may waste time. The technique is as follows.
  • Use a legitimate Windows version, as Microsoft won’t support unauthorized versions.
  • “sfc /scannow” checks system files as well as registry entries. Type “sfc /scannow” in Command Prompt and PowerShell and click Enter.
  • Make sure your Windows copy is not OEM-activated. Keep backups of your data.

Reinstall Windows using Product Key

After studying what creates Windows reactivation difficulties, this portion will teach you how to address them. Check your Activation key if this happens.

  • Clicking the Start menu opens the Windows Start menu.
  • Select Activation in Updates & Security’s left pane. Insert your key after selecting the Change product key.
  • Reinstalling Windows Key

PassFab Recovery can retrieve your activation key if you’ve lost it. A key like Microsoft Office, Windows, or Visual Studio is only some of the Microsoft products you may recover using this tool.

Possible reasons for ongoing issues:

Purchased Key is Not Matching with Product Key

Most individuals only encounter this issue if they acquire their product key from an official source.

If malware deletes the key, Windows may stay unactivated even if the key is genuine.

To find the current key, do these:

  • Right-clicking the Windows icon opens the context menu.
  • Windows PowerShell.
  • Enter “wmic path SoftwareLicensingService obtain OA3xOriginalProductKey” in the form. Opens the door.
  • Compare it to your buy.
  • To input a new product key if it’s different from the one used at checkout, go back to the Activation page and choose the appropriate option.
  • Invalid product key. Microsoft’s official store or an authorized reseller sells Windows 10 with a lifetime activation key. It may expire if you buy the key from an unauthorized merchant or website.

Validation requires these steps:

  • Type cmd into Windows’ search box to access the command prompt.
  • Enter after inserting slmgr/xpr.
  • In some instances, a dialogue window may appear, warning of an approaching time limit or stating, “The device is permanently engaged.”

Machine Reboot

We can't activate windows on this device. Try again later.

Restarting your computer usually works when Windows reactivation fails due to a defect. Continued operation fixes faults and restores settings.

The built-in troubleshooter activates Windows.

To use this method, you must first create a Microsoft account or link it to the Digital Entitlement on your device.

You may utilize the Activation troubleshooter when you’ve already set up your Microsoft account.

Launching the diagnoses tool is described below.

  • Press Start, type “Settings,” and click the icon to visit Windows Settings.
  • Select Updates & Security to view the Activation tab on the left.
  • Troubleshoot and follow the instructions.
  • Log into your Microsoft account. Enter your passphrase.
  • Select “My device,” Then click on Activate.

The device may only be shown to users who signed in with the User account used to acquire the Windows 10 and 11 Virtual Entitlement. Microsoft account activation simplifies Windows 10.

Waiting Time

Waiting 24–48 hours may fix Windows activation issues.

This hack can only be utilized whenever a hardware component is changed. PowerShell or Command Prompt may reactivate Windows.

If Windows activation fails, use Command Prompt or PowerShell. Procedure:

  • To run Windows PowerShell, press the Windows key + X. (Admin) (Admin).
  • Paste your activation key into the field.
  • To enable the automatic update option, paste slmgr.vbs /ato further into the entry box and press Enter To reboot your computer.

Phone Windows Activation

Mobile device Windows activation is easy. Discover more about the technique here:

  • Press Windows + R to open Windows Run.
  • Type SLUI 4.
  • Select your location and press Next. It will reveal Microsoft’s Product Activation Center phone numbers.
  • Contact the center’s personnel for the Confirmation ID at the toll-free number.
  • Activate Windows using that ID.

Windows Upgrade

We can't activate windows on this device. Try again later.

Checking for Windows updates periodically helps solve activation issues. Procedure:

  • Access the Update & Security submenu using the main Settings screen’s menu.
  • Click Look for Updates in Windows Update to look for updates.
  • Device updates will be notified.
  • A installation and download button will appear; click it.

Final Verdict

Reinstalling Windows is another alternative, especially if you suspect flaws.

It would be best if you reinstalled Windows to fix activation key issues. Installing Windows requires the right Windows Edition activation key.

Download Windows from Microsoft’s server for better results.

Use only approved program installers.

It might infect these files with malware that could crash or damage your machine.

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