Some people believe that you need a very powerful computer or laptop in order to be able to stream your favorite TV shows and movies from Netflix or Hulu, but the truth is that you can also do that on a tablet. Even better, you don’t have to spend a fortune buying the latest tablet on market as there are still a lot that are powerful enough to offer you a solid streaming experience without costing a fortune. And in this article we’re going to talk exactly about that: the best cheap tablets for watching Netflix and Hulu.

For those that are not very tech-savvy, it’s worth mentioning that you also need internet connection in order to watch Hulu or Netflix or other online videos on your tablets, but if you have WiFi at home or work or wherever you plan to use the tablet, you will be fine. We have also selected tablets that were recently released, so that they don’t become obsolete too soon and they can still run other apps and games for as long as possible before becoming outdated.

These being said, let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some great budget tablets for watching Netflix or Hulu online, listed from the cheapest to the most expensive.

KingPad K100

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This tablet is dirt cheap and still has some really good stats. Hopefully, you are not afraid to buy a non-brand name since you’re on a really tight budget and you want a solid tablet for streaming Neflix and Hulu – and this one can even do a lot more. It has a good, Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. It’s nothing very fancy, even in terms of resolution – which is 1366×768 pixels, but it gets the job done. It has a large display, 10-inch (I believe that you should always go for larger displays if you want to watch movies or even for regular use). It also has a surprisingly good battery (at a whooping 7,200 mAH) which provides hours of uninterrupted functioning.

One of its weakest points is the camera: both the rear camera and the front facing one only have 2MP, but everything else is surprisingly good. Even the Amazon customers who have tried it were surprised by its quality and this hidden gem has an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 from over 200 reviews. Yes, if you are on a really tight budget, this is the perfect tablet for streaming (and doing more!).

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ASUS Zenpad 8

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ASUS has recently launched this budget tablet which ticks a lot of boxes and impresses for its really low price. Following the trend of their smartphone line, the Zenfone, the Zenpad offers great specifications at low price and it’s us, the customers, who have to be happy. This tablet beats in terms of specifications the K100: it has a MTK 8163 Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor and 2GB of RAM, making it a bit faster than the previously recommended model.

One of its biggest drawbacks, especially if you get it specifically for streaming movies from Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime is the fact that it has a smaller display at just 8 inches. It also has an average battery at 4,000 mAH, but it can still offer hours of video streaming since it’s also smaller. All in all, this offers a great balance between performance and affordability – and also a slightly rear camera (compared to our previous recommendation) at 5MP.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

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This tablet from Lenovo received a lot of praise since its launch and they’re all deserved. It has a really interesting design, with an integrated stand which can also be used to hang the tablet if you have support for that. Very comfortable and extremely interesting overall. Plus, the sound quality delivered by the tablet’s speakers is really good too.

Talking about specs, this is a large, 10-inch tablet powered by a 1.3 GHz Quad core processor and 1GB of RAM. Although the RAM could’ve been indeed better, it still performs well. This tablet also has an extremely impressive battery life which Lenovo claims to offer up to 18 hours of interrupted use. It also has an innovative 8MP camera that rotates 180 degrees, basically becoming a selfie or rear camera based on your needs. A pretty ingenious idea to deliver high quality photos using a single camera. So all in all, this one is a real celebrity right now and you might love it as well!

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Fire HD 10 Tablet

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Talking of superstars, we have here a tablet that requires no introduction. Amazon’s own Fire tablet has, at the moment of writing this, well over 10,000 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. For this huge number of reviews, this data alone should be a solid enough reason to have you buy it.

But if you want to know more about it and its specs, we have them ready for you: the FIRE HD 10 tablet is the largest, yet thinnest tablet manufactured by Amazon so far. We’re talking about a large tablet with a 10.1″ HD display, powered by a processor running on two 1.5 GHz cores and two 1.3 GHz cores for extreme performance. It also comes with a decent camera (5MP rear camera) and great battery life that offers up to 8 hours of video streaming and other activities. And even more, if you want to cut on the price and also on the size of the tablet, there are smaller Fire tablets available as well (8 or even 6 inches models). The tablet runs on the Fire OS which looks really nice and is extremely intuitive and a good operating system, but since it’s not very popular, you’ll need a bit of time adjusting to it – although most of the people will feel right at home when seeing it for the first time.

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Apple iPad Mini 2

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You won’t hear “cheap” and “iPad” in the same sentence too often, but if you really want to get a tablet from Apple, the iPad Mini 2 is the best option right now if you’re on a limited budget (but still have some money to spend). We’re talking about a smaller tablet – hence the “Mini” in its name – that comes with a display of 7.9″ and which is powered by Apple’s ARM 1.3GHz processor and has 1GB of RAM. It also offers the best image on our list with its impressive Retina display offering 2048-by-1536 resolution at 326 pixels per inch.

It is also the most expensive on the list and offers limited storage space, without the option to expand it via a MicroSD card – an option offered by the other tablets on this list. This shouldn’t be a really big problem if you don’t plan to install a ton of games, apps and music on your tablet, but if you do you might soon have storage-related problems. But if you really want an iPad for streaming from Netflix and Hulu and you have a limited budget, this is your best choice!

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These would be our choices for the best budget tablets for watching Hulu and Netflix and any other live streaming service out there. You can indeed invest in a much better, more expensive tablet if you want to, but if you get it mainly for streaming your favorite TV shows, I am sure that any of the ones recommended above are perfect!