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Should I Get a Case for My MacBook Pro?

Should I Get a Case for My MacBook Pro?

If you’re wondering if you should buy a case for your MacBook Pro but you’re not really sure whether you really need one or not, this article is here to help you make a decision.

Generally, we would say that yes, most people would benefit from investing in a MacBook Pro case. A case will increase the life span of your device, help keep it clean and even make it easier for you to carry it around.

Now let’s get a bit more in depth and see all they whys and why nots for this particular topic!

Do you need a case for your MacBook Pro?

Since you’re asking that question, you already know that MacBooks are pretty expensive device. Yes, they are amazing laptops too, but they’re not cheap.

As a result, you should do everything possible to take good care of them and prevent any sort of damage that could shorten their lifespan (by the way, we wrote an article here about laptops lifespan by brand – check it out if interested!)

And this is the main thing that a case for your MacBook Pro does: it offers increased protection from drops, scratches, liquid spilling and even dust or other potential harms.

If you travel a lot and not in the safest places ever, a case could offer additional protection: thieves seeing a MacBook Pro are more likely to try to steal it than they are if they see a case and don’t really know what’s inside.

But even without this reason, a case for your MacBook Pro is a much welcome addition.

Benefits of getting a case for your MacBook Pro

macbook pro case protection

There are different colors, types, shapes and sizes of cases you can invest in, so you can really make them your own. This is definitely a benefit, because we all know we want our products to be as unique as possible.

Here are some other benefits of getting a case for your MacBook.

Protection from scratches and hard damage

Without a protective case, your device can easily get scratched or damaged when moved around.

While in most cases, this won’t really destroy your MacBook pro, it will take away from its smoothness and grace and simple charm.

Protection from water damage

Spilling liquids directly on it isn’t the only problem. Going to an extremely humid area could be equally damaging. Also, rain, being next to a pool… there are all sorts of things that might pose a threat to your Macbook.

And an easy way for that is having a protective case for your device. Depending on the type you choose, you can obtain up to 100% protection from water.

Protection from dust

Dust is one of the generally unseen enemies of any electronic device out there. Even though laptops these days are built with as much protection against dust as possible, you can never have enough.

But if you live in an area where you have more dust, a case is a great choice to keep your device safe.

Easy to carry around

As we said already, there are various models available. Check out the best selling ones here (affiliate link).

If you want extended portability, you can easily achieve that with a laptop case. It will look good and it will make your MacBook Pro easy to carry around – while also keeping it safe! It’s a win-win situation.

Plus, you have the option to choose a model that offers extra room for storing various other items you might need.

Stylish and highly customizable

A case for your MacBook pro is generally highly customizable. And most of them are built to match Apple’s vision for their product, being elegant and minimalist.

But if you prefer, you can go for something colorful and completely crazy. Sober and sleek. Geeky or girly or manly… the choice is yours. You have tons of options out there to really make it your own and even send a message about your personality.

Increased life span

In the end, this is probably the most important benefit that a case can offer.

All the goodies mentioned above – except for the ones that are directly related to appearance – work together to increase the life span of your laptop.

I have friends who have been using the same MacBook model for seven years now and I am sure that they can last much longer. A case will help you achieve that by giving it all the protection it needs and deserves.

And to be honest, you don’t have to invest a lot in a case, but you gain so much in return!

What is the best laptop case for your MacBook Pro?

In all honesty, most cases you can find online are really good and offer additional protection to your device. Choose the case based on your needs and style preferences.

If these don’t matter too much for you or you simply want to know our opinion, we have two top recommendations to make – one of them for the more casual user and one for those who need or want ultimate protection for their devices.

MOSISO Case with sleeve and keyboard skin

mosiso macbook pro case

This is a really complete product, offering various layers of protection. Not only that you get an easy to install case for your laptop, but you also get a few bonuses.

It comes with a keyboard cover skin and screen protector for increased protection, but also a sleeve with an extra thick cushion that offers all-around protection and improved portability.

Check its price here (affiliate link)

Heavy Duty Protective Hard Shell Case

heavy duty case for macbook pro

If you want to get the maximum protection available for drops and shock, getting a heavy duty case for your MacBook Pro is the best option you have – and this one is a really good one.

Sure, it makes your laptop look like it’s ready to go to war, but it offers massive protection thanks to its design and the materials used. And it is actually military drop-tested!

Check its price here (affiliate link)


Now you know all the reasons why you should indeed get a case for your MacBook Pro. In our opinion, it is a must-have accessory if you want to make sure that your device lives a long, damage-free life. And now, why not check out our article with the fight of the century: MacBooks vs Chromebooks?

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