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Wristband Power bank Bracelet Charger: the Must Have Wearable Portable Charger

Wristband Power bank Bracelet Charger: the Must Have Wearable Portable Charger

One of the worst fears humans have since the introduction of smartphones is to run out of battery without a charger around. Yes, this is a real fear and I am guilty of the same. Enter the Power Bank Bracelet charger that lets you use your phone while you actually charge it on the go!

The Wrist Power Bank Battery Charger holds 1500 mAh that is inside the bracelet type device you can wear around your arm.

The Power Bank Charger can be on your arm

Now obviously it is not enough charging power to charge your phone like a regular charger you plug into the wall, but it is enough to help you keep using your phone on the go and get you out of the issue.

The Wristband Power bank Battery Charger (affiliate link) is bulky, but not too heavy at 3.5 oz (99 grams) with a length of 11.8 inches and 3.5 inches wide.

The wearable external batter can be easily wrapped around your wrist as it’s adjustable so you don’t have to worry that it will be too tight or too loose, it’s waterproof and highly versatile, working with basically any modern phone model on the market.

It also has some nice LED lights telling you when your phone is charging or when the Wristband Power bank itself needs charging.

The charger comes with a short USB cable that fits the bracelets and hooks to your phone for easy chargring

The device itself comes with:

  • The magnetic bracelet
  • The charging cable
  • Adapters for Micro USB, USB type C and lightning charging.
  • A larger Micro-USB type A to charge the bracelet itself

The beauty of this product is that because it’s shaped like a bracelet, you don’t really have to wear it on your arm if you don’t want to. You can easily wrap it around your bag, or anything else and secure it with the magnetic closer.

How to use the Power Bank Bracelet Charger

There are 4 LED lights on the bracelet and 1 button. Just double click the button to start charging. The lights are used mainly to indicate the charging percentage.