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This Indestructible iPhone 7 Is Made of Carbon Fiber and Costs $17,000

Most of the people I know complain that Apple products are extremely expensive and I usually tend to agree with them, even though I rarely had reasons to complain about the quality of their products. However, it’s good to receive a wake-up call every now and then and today it’s time for one: the $17,000 iPhone has been unveiled and yes, that’s what I would call expensive!

Created by Swiss luxury goods company Golden Dreams, the iPhone 7 Carbon Concept Edition is an extremely limited edition of the popular iPhone 7. The smartphone has a hand-made carbon fiber casing, making it almost impossible to break but also insanely light. But you have to pay premium for it: $17,000 per unit. And you should hurry too as the stock might sell out soon as there are just 77 devices built by the company.

The indestructible iPhone 7 is the result of two years of research and testing, until the Swiss company Golden Dreams managed to find a way to cut a single block of carbon fiber and turn it into the casing for the smartphone. And the truth is that the device does look exceptional: as if it’s sculpted in stone, but you’ll have a real surprise when you’ll hold it as it is extremely light.

Here are a couple more images of the exclusive iPhone 7:



The only thing that we don’t have enough information about – and which could be a potential deal breaker – is regarded to the touchscreen of the display. I understand that the case is indestructible… but would dropping your phone would still result in you having to use a device with a cracked display? A $17,000 that is?

What do you think about the iPhone 7 Carbon Concept Edition? Is it something you’d spend your money on, if you had enough money to get it?


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