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7 Ares Smart Ring: Really Smart Wearable Jewelry

7 Ares Smart Ring: Really Smart Wearable Jewelry

I will admit it: I’m not a jewelry person and I rarely look into the latest trends when it comes to rings, necklaces or earrings. But with Christmas coming soon and with a wife at home that wants me to surprise her, I started to do my research. And, boy, I was so surprised to find out that there are such things as smart rings available on the market right now!

The ring that will become my Christmas present for her – recommended by Amazon, actually – is the 7 Ares Smart Ring. Not only that it’s a wearable gadget that you can always have on your finger with extremely useful features that we’ll talk about below, but it also looks incredibly nice and it’s clearly that piece of jewelry that most ladies still don’t own. And a lot cheaper than getting a diamond to serve the same purpose!

The 7 Ares Smart Ring doesn’t have a ton of “smart” features if we compare it with other wearables – a smart watch, for example, but it is smart and useful. For starters, it can be paired up with your smartphone (works with iPhones and Android devices) and alert you if you leave it behind. And since my wife has a habit of always losing her phone or misplacing it constantly, this comes in handy!

The ring can also be set up to light up in different colors when you receive a notification on your phone, a text message or a call, so you will always know if there’s a need to pull the phone out and check it out or not.


But one extremely useful feature – one that you will hopefully never have to use – is the SOS feature. Simply tapping the ring a few times will send an alert to friends or family. You never know when this could come in handy! Apart from that, it’s also dust and waterproof and can be easily charged wirelessly.

There are three models of the 7 Ares Smart Ring available and you can check them all out on Amazon. (affiliate link) We have two silver versions with nice designs, as well as a golden plated one. I personally like (or, better said, I am sure my wife will like) the silver one with the pink “rock” but you can choose whichever you feel is the best choice for you.

All in all, I think that the 7 Ares Smart Ring is a thing of the future and any lady out there would be extremely impressed if gifted one of these jewelry/gadget thingies. And yes, I believe this is a perfect Christmas gift!

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