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The Best Selling Laptop Brand in the World Is… Lenovo!

The Best Selling Laptop Brand in the World Is… Lenovo!

The latest data in the world of laptops gives us a surprising (for some winner): Lenovo is the best selling brand in the world right now, recording better sales than the regular “winner” HP, Dell and, well, all other brands out there! This proves that the price is extremely important, as Lenovo are known to deliver some of the cheapest laptops available on the market. And to be honest, we have two Lenovo laptops in our family and no reasons to complain, even though I still love my Acer. But I digress.

According to data published by Trend Force, for the first quarter of 2016, Lenovo managed to surpass HP and become the best selling laptop brand in the world, despite recording a 10% drop in shipments compared to the previous quarter.

Laptop shipments worldwide have seen a decline, with HP dropping 21.2% this quarter, while Dell, the third placed, saw a 15 per cent shipment drop. Overall notebook shipments worldwide have dropped 19% compared to a quarter earlier, and 7.3 per cent on a year-on-year basis. Apple’s Macbooks have been hit the worst, suffering a 40.4% decline which analysts believe it’s caused by the fact that they launched no new products recently. We’ll see how things change with the launch of the upgraded MacBook 12

One of the reasons why laptop shipments have dropped all over the world is their increase in price, mostly caused by the increase of HDDs. However, Lenovo managed to keep their prices low and it appears that this was the winning move as they became the number one brand in the world, at least in terms of sales. That is huge if we think about the fact that Lenovo is also the youngest brand if we compare it to its top competitors.

Do you own a Lenovo laptop or are you planning to get one? Share your thoughts about this brand in the comment section below!

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