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Dell’s P4317Q 43-inch, 4K Monitor Can Show 4 Full HD Views at the Same Time

I still remember how, several years ago, I upgraded my old 15-inch monitor to a huge 19-inch one and I thought that I will never need a larger monitor ever in my life. Fast forward several year and here I am, reading on my 27-inch monitor that Dell is preparing the launch of their P4317Q model, a 43-inch monitor that offers a resolution of up to 4K and is capable of showing content from four separate inputs simultaneously, all at full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080). Yes, such a monitor seems huge right now and pretty pointless for me… but I am sure that the standards will soon change and I already know that there are people or companies who could and will definitely use such an insane monitor.

The Dell P4317Q features a DisplayPort 1.2 connection, a miniDisplayPort 1.2 connection, two HDMI 1.4 connections, a legacy VGA connector, one USB 3.0 upstream port, four standard USB 3.0 ports and even a RS-232 port, plus the audio input and headphones jack. This one is aimed directly at financial institutions or trading floors, but anybody can use it: from sports enthusiasts who want to have four matches running at the same time on their Monitor to software or game developers and even house owners who like it big, this will be the model to have.

The new monitor from Dell is expected to launch by the end of May and the official website is showing a $1,349.99 RRP, but you can and should keep an eye on Amazon for some potentially better deals. And at that price, you know you want to keep your options open, especially since Philips recently launched a very similar 43-inch monitor.

Do you need such a large monitor or you think this one will only be used by corporations, businesses and especially trading institutions? Well, I sure know that such monitors could bring 4-player games back in the spotlight for sure!


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