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Amazon’s Kindle Oasis Is the Best e-Reader I’ve Ever Seen

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis Is the Best e-Reader I’ve Ever Seen

I must admit that I am a huge fan of Amazon’s Kindles, even though at first I was reluctant about leaving traditional reading behind and after the launch of the Kindle Paperwhite, I thought that there’s no way anybody could do a better ebook reader. I was, of course, wrong and it’s fortunately Amazon who decided to prove the contrary with the announced release of their latest model, the Kindle Oasis. This is the best e-Reader that I’ve ever seen!

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What is surprising about the Kindle Oasis is that it comes with a new design and a new approach to the world of ebook readers. It’s a brave move from Amazon who decided not to follow the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” rule and I personally believe that it was the winning move and exactly what readers all over the world needed.

Just look how incredibly thin the Kindle Oasis is!
Just look how incredibly thin the Kindle Oasis is!

The new Kindle Oasis, apart from its brand new design, is 30% thinner and 20% lighter than the previous device. It also has 60% more LEDs than the previous models, offering a 300 ppi display (which means that it looks like printed pages), all on a 6 inch display. An interesting treat that it has is the leather charging cover which is absolutely amazing, providing months of reading without having to recharge the device again. The leather cover is also removable and comes in black, merlot or walnut colors.

kindle oasis 02

The new Kindle Oasis will go on sale on Amazon on April 27, but you can already pre-order it if you want to. And I am sure you want to, so here are the pre-order links (or buy links if you visit this article after the device’s launch date):

– US/World customers: Kindle Oasis here
– UK/Europe customers: Kindle Oasis here

I love this one and I am sure it will easily become your favorite e-book reader and Kindle as soon as you get it!

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