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New Samsung Chromebook Pro Comes with a Stylus Pen

New Samsung Chromebook Pro Comes with a Stylus Pen

Samsung is planning to launch a brand new Chromebook and it seems that with its launch, there will be quite a bunch of great surprises for end users. Named the Samsung Chromebook Pro, the brand new Chromebook will have some interesting features, like a touch screen display, hinges that allow for a 360 degree rotation (basically turning the laptop into a large tablet), as well as a Stylus Pen which Samsung calls PEN (so they are dropping the S Pen name, apparently).

Samsung’s upcoming laptop was spotted by a Korean website and reported by Sammobile, who managed to get their hands on the technical details of the upcoming Samsung Chromebook Pro as well.

Therefore, we know now that the new Chromebook from Samsung will have a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, capable of delivering an amazing resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. It will be extremely fast since it will be powered by a 2GHz hexa-core processor and 4GB of RAM, while the internal storage will remain minimal at 32GB (but it does have an SD slot for extra storage options). Very thin and light, it is just 13.9mm thick and weights 1.08kg.

The new Chromebook Pro from Samsung will also have two USB Type-C ports and a headphones jack. It will be able to run any Android Apps since Google Play is now supported by the Chrome OS and it also comes with a one-year subscription of AirDroid app. Apparently the Samsung Chromebook Pro was listed for pre-order on digital marketplace Adorama for $499, but has since been removed. Probably Samsung weren’t ready to let the world know about the laptop yet.

Here are some more photos of the great Samsung Chromebook Pro in action:






As you can see in the second photo, it has a dedicated storage for the PEN. Also, it appears that the Chromebook’s battery life will be great: up to 10 hours on a single charge. There are no details on its potential release date since it hasn’t been officially announced by Samsung. However, we believe that it’s coming sooner rather than later, maybe just in time for the holiday sales. Because, by all means, it looks like an amazing present!

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