Here’s How to Watch Someone’s Instagram Story Without them Knowing (2020 Update)

How to Download instagram stories without them knowing

There are moments in our lives when we just want to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ex, a friend or a total stranger: Insta Stories have that special appeal, they make us want to watch them – but not always let the creator know that we did see it.

So… is it possible to watch an Instagram story anonymously? With a bit of tinkering, it sure is! And that’s exactly what we’re going to learn today!

It doesn’t even matter why you want to do it – if you’re too shy to tell your crush that you’re secretly following him or her, or you simply don’t want them to know that you watch their stories, if you want to see how’s the ex doing, or an old friend or maybe a competitor in your business… there aren’t really any bad reasons to do this and since you can’t do any harm with this, we’re here to tell you how to do it!

1. The Swiping Method

The easiest way to watch an Instagram story without them knowing is by using the “swiping” method. This consists in you starting to watch an instagram story, then pause it be holding your finger on your phone’s screen, then slowly swiping left or right to take a peek at the other stories.

Here is a screenshot of how it would look like:

watch instagram stories without them knowing swipe method

Using this method won’t register the previews as seeing the stories, but it does come with limitations. For starters, you will only be able to anonymously see the stories to the left and right of the person you’re actively watching the story of.

Second, you will only get a “preview” of the stories to the left and right – if it’s a video or multiple photos, they won’t play. Still, it might be a lot better than nothing, right?

If you disagree and this is still not enough for you, it’s time to bring out the big guns. We’re going to use external websites that watch the Instagram stories for us, therefore keeping ourselves anonymous. Let’s see how to do this instead!

2. How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously with Apps

We will have to use an external application or website for this. There are various Android and iPhone apps that allow you to watch stories without the original authors knowing, but today we’re going to use a very simple and straightforward website called StoriesIG.

All you need, in order for it to work, is the username of the person you want to see the story of. Simply write that username (without adding @ or anything like that) and you will see it directly on that webpage and it won’t register as your view.

The only catch in this case is that the user needs to have their stories set to public – which is what most people don’t do. But if the user you’re following has their stories publicly available, then using StoriesIG or any other similar app for Android or iOS will work flawlessly.

3. The block/unblock method

This is a relatively risky method since Instagram changes their rules regularly and you can end up either forever blocking the person you want to anonymously see stories from or just being registered as a view anyway.

However, at the moment of writing this article, this is a method that works well and gives you complete privacy. It’s probably the best to use at the moment since it’s easy and works like a charm.

All you have to do is this: watch the story regularly by tapping it on Instagram. Then, immediately after watching, go to their profile and tap the menu button (the three dots in the upper right corner) and block them:

Block method

Once you block a person, they will no longer see you on their reports of people who have seen their Insta Story.

Next, let 24 hours pass and go to the user’s profile to unblock them. They will not receive any sort of notifications and you can always do this over and over again without worries (as long as things won’t change – which they might).

As a result, it’s always a good idea to test this method before with a close friend: have them post a story, watch it and block them, then wait to see if your view is reported on their side.

4. Creating a second profile

Or using a friend’s or something like this. Use your imagination here, you will surely be able to figure something out!

Using this secondary profile, simply start following some people and add them as friends, including the user(s) you want to watch Insta-stories anonymously from. Then simply enjoy your newfound freedom, watching those stories whenever they are published.


As you can see, watching somebody’s Instagram story without them knowing is not the easiest thing to do and there are Pros and Cons with each of the methods described above.

But if you really want to do this and you simply can’t watch the said story the regular way – with the user knowing that you did – it might be worth going through all this trouble. It’s your decision to make for sure!

If you find additional ways to achieve this, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.


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