Best Free Blu-Ray Burner Software for Windows 10 (2020 Update)


If you’re using Windows 10, chances are that your computer or laptop also has a Blu-Ray Burner/Player combo installed as well. And you need the best bluray burner software to put yours to good use.

There are multiple options available when it comes to burning your files on a Blu-Ray disc, but we’ve decided to look at the free ones and share with you below the absolute best free Blu Ray burners for Windows 10 so that you quickly and safely burn your large discs in the future for backup purposes or whatever you want.

We’ve also taken into account how easy it is to actually use the software and we’re absolutely sure that you’ll be completely satisfied with the products we’ve found and are about to share with you in this article below.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to quickly put them to good use and burn blu-ray discs as fast as possible, as long as you have the actual hardware for it.

So without further ado, let’s check out below our recommended free Blu-Ray burner software to use in 2020!

(Just make sure that for each of the software below you use the Advanced install settings and tick off additional software that they try to install – so never do a Basic install as some might want to install additional programs you don’t necessarily need or want!)

1. True Burner

01 true burner

A lightweight, but extremely powerful free Blu-Ray burner for Windows 10, True Burner is created by Glorylogic and does everything you could want it to do: it burns both data and multimedia Blu-Ray, it knows to burn a bootable disc and it is extremely easy to use.

The user interface looks familiar from the moment you launch this application and you will feel right at home with it.

It doesn’t have any extra and, to be honest, usually unnecessary bells and whistles and it does an amazing job. Highly recommended – click here to download it for free.

2. Active ISO Burner

02 active iso burner

A really good burning software that works perfectly immediately after installing it, or which can be played with a little bit if you want to go to more advanced options, like burning more copies, Transport & Cache (supporting SPTI,ASPI and SPTD) as well as burning speed.

The user interface is really straightforward, with just a few buttons for the main functions. Easy to use and reliable, Active ISO Burner can be downloaded for free here.

3. ImgBurn

03 imgburn

This is the burning software that I am personally using. It doesn’t mean that it’s the best, but it’s really good and I never had any complaints. One of the things that I like the most is that it knows how to create playable Blu-ray discs from BDAV/BDMV folders, which is extremely useful if you’re lazy as I am.

Lightweight and fast, extremely easy to use and with an user interface that you get used with in seconds, this is a really good and free disc burning software that, once installed, you’ll feel no need to change. Give it a try here (free download).

4. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

A really nice, feature-packed Blu-Ray burning software that offers a full feature trial and a free version as well.

This also means that many of its features are not available in the free version, but it’s still good nevertheless, mainly because of its plethora of options that it offers.

One of the best features of the DVDFab Blu-Ray copy program is that it offers a built-in decrypter which comes in handy for removing the protections some of the Blu-Ray discs have and allow you to get a backup for personal use (because we all know it’s better to be safe than sorry).

Apart from this, with a simple interface, this software offers 5 burning modes, as well as the capability of creating bootable discs. A really good option for sure so definitely give it a try here.

5. Express Burn

We’re rounding up our list today with another fast and easy to use program that can easily and safely burn your blu-ray discs, with a few advanced features for movie burning.

For example, you can use this lightweight burner to create and manage chapters on Blu-ray discs, but also record audio discs. It also offers support for burning older CDs and DVDs if you still want those.

Quick, fast and easy to use, you can download it for free here.

The truth is that there are a lot of options when it comes to Blu-Ray disc burning programs and most of them do the job just fine.

However, I think that keeping it as simple as possible is the way to go – and that’s exactly what our recommended software above does, as you don’t usually need to tweak or change to many things when burning a disc, no matter if we’re talking about a back-up of your pictures and videos, creating a bootable OS disc or a playable, high quality video disc.

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