Do you want to add some nice speakers to your TV but want to avoid all the wires? Then you should definitely use bluetooth speakers! But what can you do if your TV is not Bluetooth-enabled? Read on our tutorial and you’ll see how easy it is to turn a non-bluetooth TV into a bluetooth one that can solve your problem!

What you need is a simple product called a Bluetooth transmitter which can be found on Amazon. This easily connects to your TV using a 3.5mm jack (or RCA jack if that’s what you need) and makes it Bluetooth-compatible. It transmits the signal wirelessly now and you can connect your wireless speakers or headphones to it easily.

I would recommend getting the most popular option out there: the TaoTronics Wireless Portable Bluetooth Transmitter is the #1 best selling Bluetooth transmitter on Amazon right now and it has an amazing rating there: 4.3 stars out of 5 from almost 5,000 reviews. Now that’s something you know is of high quality!

The TaoTronics bluetooth transmitter is small: 2.4 inches long, 0.84 inches wide and 0.39 inches thick. It comes with a simple 3.5mm jack to plug in to your TV, but also has a RCA cable adapter if you need it. It can easily be charged with an USB cable and works up to 7 hours on one full charge (but also works while charging). It also transmits the bluetooth signal 30 feet away, which is really nice.

It’s extremely easy to use, being basically plug in and play. All you have to do is to connect it to your TV, press the power button and pair your bluetooth speakers or headphones to it. That’s all that you need to do!

If you don’t have bluetooth speakers either or bluetooth headphones, it might be easier to get a bluetooth receiver instead. The AmazonBasics one is a great choice since it’s manufactured by Amazon themselves. It will receive the Bluetooth signal from your transmitter and you can plug in it your speakers, amplifier or headphones. And voila! You have saved some nice dollars on getting new Bluetooth enabled speakers!

So, as you can see, it’s actually pretty easy to turn your non-bluetooth TV – or any non-bluetooth device, actually, as long as it has a 3.5mm audio jack or RCA jacks – into bluetooth-capable devices. You just need the transmitter and you can easily enjoy wireless sound at a great quality!


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