Apple TV: How to Watch Free Movies


Did you know that you don’t have to pay anything to watch free movies on your Apple TV? You can also watch free TV shows on your device, as well as tons of videos that are streamed online via services like YouTube.

In this article, I will share with you a complete guide on how to watch free movies on Apple TV, as well as free TV shows. This will prove that you don’t really have to spend even more money on entertainments as there are hundreds of hours (if not more) of free movies and TV shows available for Apple TV.

You will rarely – if ever – get the chance to play the latest blockbusters on your Apple TV for free and the same goes for recent TV shows. But there are many older movies and series available for free and they’re absolutely amazing. And as the years pass by, even more will be available.

So now that you know that you indeed can watch free movies on your Apple TV, let’s move to the most important part: how to do it!

Basically, in order to get access to the free content, you will need to install the proper apps that give you such content. There is a lot of them available on the App Store, but only several offer high quality and won’t bombard you with ads or requests for paying for premium features. We did our best to select the top ones and we’re sharing them with you below.

It’s all a matter of installing the recommended application and you’re ready to choose the next free movie or TV series to watch on your Apple TV!

Comet TV

If you love watching science fiction movies and series, then Comet TV is the perfect choice for you. Although it doesn’t have an on demand feature and works like a regular TV station, it has a schedule that it follows and a lot of great movies and TV series offered for free. A really great place to start your adventure and watch free sci fi (but not only) content!

Download the free app here

Free Classic Movies

If you’re a fan of classic movies (or at least want to give them a try), this is the definite place to be. Featuring tens of movies divided in various categories, this app will surprise you in terms of quality and quantity.

From Charlie Chaplin goodies to cult movies like Trip to the Moon, Night of the Living Dead, The Stranger and so on, this app has them all. Bonus: there are even classic cartoons you can watch for free!

Download the free app here


Despite its name, this app is neither a Siri wannabe, nor an app filled with romantic comedies, even though the latter would be interesting to have.

Instead, Viki focuses on movies and TV shows from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand – and many prove to be really interesting to watch. There are even US-made goodies there and you have subtitles for all content. You can really find some hidden gems here and definitely broaden your horizons.

Download the free app here


Movies starring Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, Rosario Dawson, Patrick Swayze and more! In other words, this is one of the highest quality apps you can get for watching free movies on your Apple TV.

It has some amazing options, it’s easy to navigate through the app and compared to the rest of the listed apps, it has some of the most recent movies available. A must try!

Download the free app here


Everybody has heard of Youtube, but few people know that they can watch movies for free here, as well as TV shows.

Since the app has not been specifically made for this, it takes a bit of searching and doing the hard work on your side, but in the end everything is free and it’s all worth it.

Even better, if you create a specific Google account for your Apple TV YouTube app, you will soon start getting recommendations of full free movies in order to find the next thing easier.

So start searching for things like “full movie” “free full movie” and take it from there to the next level!

Download the free app here


A free service that’s been here since 2007, it has a nice, always expanding offering of TV shows and movies.

For anime lovers, this is a big treat since it has a large collection of classic and more recent anime content as well. Try it now as you will get content that’s not available anywhere else (at least not for free!)

Download the free app here


This app delivers very high quality content for free. You’re getting top independent movies and documentaries mostly, but their offering is amazing.

There is a library of over 5,000 movies, documentaries and TV shows that you can choose from and most of them are really high quality. It’s easy to navigate the app and get recommendations… all you can wish for from a free app!

Download the free app here

Tubi TV

Tubi TV offers some great, recent content. They are partners of Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM – to name some of the most important studios they work with and they have really good movies, both older and more recent.

Stuff like Gladiator, Paranormal Activity, 50/50 and much more can be watched here. They also have a nice collection of Anime and British TV shows for the fans.

The only downside here is that you’re getting a lot of ads inside the content… but otherwise you don’t have to pay anything to watch some great movies and series. Check it out and see for yourself if the large quantity of ads is too much to handle.

Download the free app here


Very similar to Tubi TV, Crackle offers a large selection of very recent and high quality flicks, also ad supported. In their case, most of the content is available for a shorter period of time before being replaced by something else, but you will always find something great to watch. Definitely check them out! The variety and quality of content is something to write home about!

Download the free App here


Another app that focuses on public domain content. The good news is that there are a lot of movies to choose from, including well known classics and great actors of the times long gone, but for most this would be nothing but outdated entertainment.

If you have a different opinion, make sure to check out the app and enjoy the classics!

Download the free app here

These are our recommended 10 sources for streaming movies and TV shows on your Apple TV. Just browse through them and you will be surprised to see that there are a ton of high quality movies and series that you don’t have to pay anything for. Because, yes, you can Apple TV & chill for free too!


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