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How to See Private Instagram Photos & Profiles in 2022 [No Surveys]

How to See Private Instagram Photos & Profiles in 2022 [No Surveys]

Seeing private Instagram profiles is not an easy thing to do. You probably know that already after going through your fair share of fake “complete verification to see private profile” apps and websites.

But today we’re going to make things a bit easier and tell you how to see private photos and accounts on Instagram.

Before anything else, let me tell you that none of those websites and apps that require you to complete an offer before seeing a private profile works. I tried several just to make sure and they’re nothing but a scam. So don’t fall for them!

With these in mind, it’s not easy to see somebody’s private Instagram with just a few clicks. With privacy being so important today, Instagram is doing their best to keep intended private photos private.

But since they are still shared with other people, they’re not entirely private – and this is where you have an opportunity.

You have various options when it comes to seeing private Instagram photos, but they all require at least a bit of work (aka spending time) on your side. But at least it’s worth it – especially if you REALLY want to see those private photos of your ex or crush or whatever.

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Tip: Before checking out how to see those profiles, make sure that you haven’t blocked the person yourself. We wrote a guide on how to unblock somebody on Instagram – do check it out if needed.

Now, let’s see what methods are available for seeing private photos and profiles on Instagram without surveys!

1. Ask a friend

This would be the easiest way to see photos on a private Instagram profile: use a friend’s account. They have to be following the person that has a private profile, but if it’s a mutual acquaintance, they probably are friends already.

If not, your friend might not have anything against sending a follow request to that person. Most people will generally accept friend requests even from those they don’t personally know, so chances are high that you will be able to see that profile.

Just make sure that the friend whose profile you’re using is trustworthy. You don’t want them to eventually tell that other person that you’re secretly checking them out via their profile.

2. Create a new account

You can go the extra mile and create a new account just for connecting with the private account you’re interested in.

You have two options here, with the second having more chances of success, even though it requires a bit more work.

First, just create a random profile with a few images, send an invite and hope for the best. This might work or not.

You should spend a bit of time working on an actual bio and using real photos (search for some free stock photos) in order to make the profile look genuine. Few people will accept requests from profiles that have a random graphic as their profile pic or no photo at all!

Don’t try to copy the profile of one of their existing friends or followers (you can find those on Facebook for example).

While that might be a bit more successful, because the person you will follow might believe it’s their friend with a new account, it could also result in your new account getting banned. This is also against the terms of service of Instagram (and probably all social media out there).

So even though it might be easier to create an account mimicking one of their friends and using their photos, don’t do this.

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3. Send a follow request?

This is probably the most obvious thing to do and this is why I haven’t recommended it sooner. But just in case you didn’t think about this – let’s consider it.

The easiest way to see a private profile is to simply follow that person. They do have to approve their request and they will know it’s you who’s following them… but in most cases, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Even with an ex or crush… just connecting with somebody on Instagram is not that much of a big deal. It’s certainly less cringy than trying one of the methods above and being caught!

So just send a follow request to the person you’re interested in and you’ll be able to see all their private photos. No strings attached and really no problem!

4. Search other social media

While photos posted on Instagram will most likely be exclusive to that platform, chances are that at least some of them will be posted on other social media as well – and they might not be private there!

So do a search on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or even TikTok. Most people usually use the same profile name on all platforms, making it easier to follow. If not, you’ll have to do a bit of digging and searching, but you will eventually find those.

I would personally start with Facebook as most profiles there are public or at least partially public. Even more, most have been public at a point so you could still see some of their old photos and posts.

But it all depends on how the person you’re interested in used the platform and you can only find that out by performing a search.


Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to see a private profile or private photos on Instagram. There are lots of apps and websites that promise you that, but in reality they will just see you complete offers and scam you in the end.

So you’ll have to resort to some more time consuming and not guaranteed to succeed ways of seeing those private profiles. But, surprisingly or not, these methods still work really well and once you get in – via a new profile, for example – chances are that you will be able to see that private profile indefinitely from that moment on.

Do you have other ingenious methods for checking out private photos and profiles on Instagram? Do share your strategies with us all in the comments section below!


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

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