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How to Fix Google Pixel 2 WiFi Problems & Connectivity Issues

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 WiFi Problems & Connectivity Issues

Even the most advanced smartphones aren’t immune to occasional Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and the Google Pixel 2 is no exception. If you’ve experienced slow browsing and intermittent connectivity, this article is for you.

Sometimes, resetting your device won’t solve connectivity problems, and this quick guide will provide other options for Google Pixel 2 users.

Quick Fix

  • Reasons your Google Pixel 2 can’t connect to the internet might include network issues, faulty updates, or broken hardware/software.
  • Resetting your device will typically solve connectivity issues.
  • If a device reset isn’t successful, consider restarting your router.
  • If the above tips don’t work, try requesting a firmware update, disabling Airplane/Power Saving Mode, and resetting your Wi-Fi connection.

Why Can’t My Google Pixel 2 Connect to the Internet?

There are many reasons your Google Pixel 2 may struggle to connect to the Wi-Fi, including the following:

  • Account issues
  • Network outages
  • Faulty updates
  • Application malfunctions
  • Incorrect settings
  • Incompatible routers
  • Broken hardware

Fortunately, your Google Pixel 2 will likely send an alert prompt if it doesn’t successfully connect to the Wi-Fi and provide suggestions regarding how to fix the problem.

How to Resolve Google Pixel 2 Wi-Fi Problems

The Google Pixel 2 is the first phone to benefit from the Android Oreo operating system. However, some applications and general software require updates that can disconnect you from your Wi-Fi. Before connecting, ensure you update your operating system and downloaded apps

If you have access to your router, turn it off for about 15 seconds, then turn it on again. Usually, your Pixel 2 will connect without a problem.

If this doesn’t do the trick, take everything a step further—turn off your router, then turn off the device. Restart your phone then turn on the router once it’s rebooted.

If these still don’t fix your Wi-Fi problems on the Google Pixel 2, your router may require a firmware update. If this is the case, simply look up your router’s make and model, typically written on the bottom of your device. Then, a quick Google search should provide you with instructions on how to update your specific router.

Another typical culprit for connectivity issues is accidentally putting your device on Airplane Mode or Power Saving Mode. Occasionally, your device may disconnect from the Wi-Fi to save battery.

Once you’ve exhausted every option, it’s time to reset your Wi-Fi connection on the Pixel 2. To do this, click through “Settings” and select “Wi-Fi.” Then, tap and hold the Wi-Fi conenction, selecting “Forget” from the menu. Toggle your Wi-Fi on and off until your device picks up the signal. Finally, enter your details and wait for the device to connect.

Connectivity issues on your Google Pixel 2 can be frustrating but often only require a quick fix. Should the problem persist, there are other options to consider. If you find a clever way to solve common Wi-Fi issues on the Google Pixel 2, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments below!