Do You Need a VPN to Access Netflix from another Country?


Are you worried that traveling to another country will make it impossible for you to watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies? You’ve probably heard many people claim that you need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to access Netflix from abroad and simply hearing that complicated acronym makes your stomach churn.

The truth is that Virtual Private Networks aren’t as scary as you consider them to be. Even more, in most cases, you will not need one in order to watch Netflix. Good news, right? Well, it’s not all peaches and cream, unfortunately. But we’re going to clear the problem out once and forever in this article!

So.. do you need a Virtual Private Network for Netflix when traveling?

When in another country, you can log in to your Netflix account on your laptop (or Chromebook for Netflix if you have one), tablet or phone or whatever device you’re normally using to watch your favorite shows and movies. You can also watch movies and TV shows even when abroad.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. If you have a Netflix subscription, you can log in to your account and watch movies and shows. All you need is an active internet connection.

However, the actual content that you can watch could and most likely will vary depending on the country you’re in. Each country has a different offering of TV Shows and Movies. Although these are very similar across the globe, there are certainly differences.

For example, if you live in the US and have a Netflix account, if you travel for example to Eastern Europe, you won’t have access to most of the shows and movies you normally do back in the States. There will always be differences between countries. The good news is that usually the shows and movies created by Netflix are available everywhere!

Looking more in depth to this, according to an article published on Finder in February, Netflix customers in the US have access to 1157 TV shows and 4593 movies. If you were to travel to the UK, for example, you’d only get access to 442 TV Shows and 1586 movies. The numbers vary by country: at the moment, Morocco looks the worst with just 39 TV shows to choose from and 118 movies.

However, as you can see, even though the number of TV shows and movies vary from country to country, you still have a ton to choose from.

So why do some use a VPN with Netflix?

We’ll start by explaining what a Virtual Private Network does. To keep it simple, this is a service that allows you to make Netflix believe that you are accessing their service from a different country than the one you are in.

For example, you can be in the UK and use a VPN to make Netflix believe that you are actually in the US. This way, you will get access to the entire US library.

For the obvious reasons, using a VPN is risky and against Netflix’ terms of service. However, it’s usually difficult for them to actually find out that you’re using a VPN and there are many people using such a service to make sure that they don’t miss on their favorite TV shows when traveling abroad.

So, to answer the question, even though you don’t need a VPN to access Netflix and watch TV shows or Movies, you will need one if the TV show or Movie you’d like to watch is not available in the country you’re in. Have in mind that there are risks when using a VPN with Netflix and it could result in your account being terminated.

However, in most cases, Netflix just blocks your access and you get a message saying that they’ve detected a proxy and require you to stop using it.

In other words, if you really want to see your favorite movie, going with a VPN that works with Netflix comes with minor risks.

For the rest of the world, simply watching whatever is available in the destination country works just great!


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