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Slingbox 500 Lets You Stream Any TV Channel or Show Anywhere in the World

Streaming your TV shows is slowly starting to become the norm today when everybody is mobile, traveling a lot, wanting at the same time to still be able to watch their favorite shows and TV channels. As a result, we have a ton of providers who allow us to stream our favorite shows and channels, but they all have their limitations.

However, there’s one little gadget that you can purchase and never worry about streaming anything, anywhere in the world. Now that sounds and is impressive!

The Slingbox 500 is the name of this gadget available for purchase on Amazon, and it allows you to instantly stream your live TV on your iPhone, iPad, desktop computer or laptop, without the limitations current streaming apps offer. You only have to purchase this once and then it’s free to use for the rest of your life: no matter if you’re in a different room or a different corner of the globe, you have unlimited access to streaming all your TV content from back home. Amazing.

This is obviously perfect for sports fans especially, but also those who travel a lot and can’t keep up with their favorite shows because of geographical limitations which block certain (or most) shows from being streamed.

Here’s a bit of the description of this great gadget:

The Slingbox 500 makes your TV even smarter. You’ll see new show recommendations and Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings. You’ll also have access to thousands of movies with the Blockbuster On Demand app. It also features an integrated YouTube Web Gallery, YouTube video recommendations (based on what you’re watching), and a stand-alone YouTube app.

Plus, the Sports Gallery shows all the games that are on at any given time, including scores and statistics. Now you can track multiple games while you’re watching your favorite team.

This sounds and is really amazing! So don’t hesitate to check it out and get it from Amazon and never worry about streaming your favorite shows or TV channels anymore!


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