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Consider Replacing Your Laptop’s Battery Message: Do You Really Have to Replace It?

All of a sudden, while working on my laptop, I got the message in the title: Consider Replacing your Battery. Further investigations showed that Windows thinks that there is indeed a problem with my Laptop’s battery, warning me that the laptop might shut down suddenly.

Well… that never happened so far and my battery seems to work just as good as it did back in the days. It’s true: my laptop is an old one and I wouldn’t be surprised if its battery was damaged, but I don’t think it is. And it doesn’t really matter at all, in the end – and I am going to share with you in this article why.

So should you change your laptop’s battery when you get this message?

It could actually be nothing but a bug – Windows has announced that there’s a bug in their battery reporting a couple of years ago and even though a fix might have been rolled out since, it could still be it. You can easily solve this problem and get rid of the annoying message by doing the following:

1. Click the battery icon on the Windows bar and select “More power options”.

2. In the pop up window, select “Change plan settings” then click “Change advanced power settings”

3. Scroll down until you see the Battery menu, then click it. Change the numbers as shown below to the indicated values:

Low battery level: 7%
Critical battery level: 5%
Reserve battery level: 3%

This basically instructs Windows how to deal with your battery’s power and what to consider “low battery”. It will also shut down and save your session if the battery’s juice runs down to 3%.

4. After making the changes above, scroll down to “Low battery action” and select “Do nothing”. This means that you won’t get the “Consider replacing your battery” message when your battery goes down to 7%. Also make sure that the “Critical battery action” is set to Hibernate.

This will get you rid of the annoying error message you get in Windows.

If this still doesn’t fix your problem, here is what you should know:

As long as your laptop works just fine and it can still offer you as many minutes or hours on a full battery charge, then your battery is just fine and you don’t really have to change it.

Even if your battery can’t offer the same power because of its old age – as this is the most likely reason for the error message – you still don’t have to worry a lot as long as you keep your charger nearby and recharge your laptop as needed.

Remember that using your laptop constantly with the charger plugged in also reduces battery life in the long run, so if this is something you constantly do, you should try to get rid of this bad habit.

But don’t rush to change the battery just because the system says so. In most cases it’s wrong and as long as you don’t have a real problem, there’s no need to fix it, right?


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