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Can You Use a Laptop Without a Battery? [Answered]

Can You Use a Laptop Without a Battery? [Answered]

If your laptop’s battery is dead or malfunctioning, you might wonder whether it’s still usable. Can you remove it to extend its life? No matter the whys, I’m here to answer your burning questions.

In short, you can use a laptop without a battery. You simply need to plug it into a power outlet. Unplug it, and you can say goodbye to whatever progress you’ve made on your unsaved document!

While a relief for many who don’t have alternatives, having to plug a laptop into an outlet contradicts its purpose – portability. Still, removing the dead battery is the best way to prevent further damage if you have no choice.

If you’re struggling with a dead battery, this guide will tell you how to use your laptop safely.

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Why is My Laptop Battery Drained?

As your laptop ages, so does its battery efficiency. However, a significant loss of power may be a cause for concern. Understanding why battery drain occurs can prevent future issues if you need to use your laptop without its battery.

Below are a few reasons your laptop battery may be dying out:

  • Your screen brightness is at its maximum level. Bold and bright displays use up a significant amount of power. Consider formatting your laptop, so its brightness adjusts to your light surroundings.
  • You’re connecting too many peripherals. Peripherals such as monitors, speakers, and other gadgets take power from your laptop. Use too many, and you can exhaust your battery.
  • You use too many apps. Running too many apps in the background can use up precious laptop resources.

To keep your battery health in good condition, consider keeping your brightness at medium, disconnecting peripherals that aren’t in use, managing app tasks, and keeping your laptop well-ventilated.

Using a Laptop Without a Battery – Good or Bad?

If your laptop’s battery is dead, dying, or malfunctioning, you can remove it and use it plugged in. However, you risk losing unsaved data during unexpected blackouts. In addition, losing power means your laptop shuts down instantly, causing potential damage to other components. 

Sudden shutdowns may not be a problem if electricity loss isn’t common in your area, but others may want to reconsider using a laptop without a battery.

Can You Still Use a Laptop With a Dead Battery?

Yes, you can still use a laptop with a dead battery if your charger is working and connected to an outlet. However, you should remove the dead battery to reduce the risk of overheating.

If your battery is malfunctioning, you’ll also be better off removing it in case of a short circuit or additional damage to your hardware.

Is it Safe to Use a Laptop Without a Battery?

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Yes, it is safe to use a laptop without a battery, given that you carefully cover the pins that connect the battery itself, as exposure can cause a short circuit or even become a health hazard.

You should also ensure the laptop remains plugged in at all times.

When using your laptop without a battery, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Ensure the power adapter is connected correctly and intact. Slightly loose connections can cause your computer to shut down immediately and damage internal components like RAM and CPU.
  • Use the adaptor that originally came with your laptop. Power variations from other chargers can cause other problems.
  • Use a power backup device. If you live in an area with frequent power outages, using a UPS can prevent sudden data losses.

Should You Remove the Laptop’s Battery if You Keep it Plugged in All the Time?

You probably heard the assumption that constantly keeping your laptop plugged in will destroy its battery. The principle is similar to charging the battery to 100% and leaving it plugged into the power source.

While constantly pushing electricity into a laptop’s battery once fully charged reduces its life, most modern laptop batteries have safety measures to optimize battery life.

In short, when your laptop battery hits 100%, it will no longer draw in electricity, even when plugged in. Some models even optimize charging to 80% before reducing the current to maintain battery life.

Especially if your laptop batteries are difficult to remove, knowing that you can keep the device plugged in offers peace of mind.

What About Mac Users?

While using a Windows device without its original battery is possible, macOS tells another story. While you can technically plug your batteryless MacBook with its original Power Adapter, it can age your laptop up to five years.

When a MacBook recognizes that you’re using it without a battery, it slows its processor significantly to accommodate the lack of power. If you need to use a MacBook without a battery, you’d be better off replacing it.


If your laptop battery malfunctions or burns out,  you can rest assured that the device is still usable as long as you plug it into an outlet. There’s no need to remove the battery unless it’s malfunctioning.

Ultimately, your best bet is to purchase a replacement battery as soon as possible or upgrade your laptop altogether. We have the best 17″ laptops here – check them out for some inspiration.


Sunday 27th of March 2022

My laptop is called i7 satellite C655 and it shuts off when its battery lasts up to 50.


Monday 4th of December 2023

@naveedrao, its probably refers to the battery .you should change it or keep using it when the laptop plugged in the outlet .