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Best Windows 10 Movie Maker Alternatives

For some strange reason, Microsoft has decided to remove their support for the amazing Movie Maker in Windows 10 – but you can still download and install it by clicking here. Super easy!

However, if you want some real Movie Maker alternatives for Windows 10 – programs that are just as good as the simple yet powerful movie editing tool that Microsoft decided to ignore for some reason, we are here to help and share with you below the best Windows 10 Movie Maker alternatives.

The good news is that you can still find something really good without having to spend on good software, so you should not despair if you have just upgraded to Windows 10. Now let’s check out the Movie Maker alternatives below with download links to each!

1. EzVid

best movie maker alternatives 01

We’re starting with this surprisingly good free video editing software that allows you to do everything that you could in Movie Maker and do it fast. It also has support for in screen recording, voice synthesis, webcam or facecam and much more.

It’s really good and it’s free, so don’t hesitate to download it here.

2. VideoLAN Movie Creator

best movie maker alternatives 02

Another piece of free software created by those who brought us the impressive video player VLC. It is lightweight and fast, it is extremely easy to use and has support for virtually any type of video file that you can get your hands on.

In other words, it’s perfect for your projects, as long as you’re not trying to actually make a full-length action movie. Click here to download it.

3. Wax

best movie maker alternatives 03

An extremely lightweight video editor that is aimed at beginners and those who don’t want a lot of features from their video editor. It has an outdated appearance and is difficult to learn, but since it offers far less options that other editors, it’s a good choice if you just need some quick video editing and you don’t mind the outdated interface.

Oh, and it’s also free so click here to give it a try!

4. Jabshaka

best movie maker alternatives 04

A very difficult to learn program that is aimed at advanced video editors, but one that offers a ton of options and has an impressive array of features, including special effects and unlimited audio. It can crash or freeze pretty often, so make sure that you save often and prepare for a steep learning curve – but once you master it, you will probably love it! Available for free here.

5. Pinnacle Studio

best movie maker alternatives 05

If you want to get a bit more serious when it comes to editing your video and the free Windows 10 Movie Maker alternatives listed above just won’t make it, you will have to pay more or less for your video editing software. Pinnacle Studio is not only one of the cheapest options out there, but also one of the best, perfect for both beginners as well as advanced users. It offers a multitude of features and a great user interface: easy to pick up, easy to master.

Prices start at $59.95 and you can get it here.

6. VideoStudio Pro X9

best movie maker alternatives 06

A great competitor for Pinnacle and another paid software that delivers a lot of features that are required for more advanced video editing. It has a clean interface and a ton of features, but it’s not that much beginner friendly and its complexity can sometimes be overwhelming. But eventually you will learn everything about it and you will love it! Click here to download it now.

You have six different programs to choose from and, in my opinion, the free options are great for most users out there who use these video editors for fun and not for a living. Even for more advanced uses, the free programs are great, but if you really want more features and stability and a ton of options, go for the paid alternatives!


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