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Best Windows 10 Movie Maker Alternatives (Free to Download)

Best Windows 10 Movie Maker Alternatives (Free to Download)

If you are looking to try your hand at creating video movies, we have some free Windows 10 Movie Maker alternatives to share with you in today’s article, so that you have where to choose from – and great options for creating video as well!

Microsoft has decided to remove Movie Maker from Windows 10, no longer offering it as part of the operating system. However, the program itself made a comeback (fortunately) and can still be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free here.

So if you were used to Movie Maker’s interface, you can still get it and use it as you did before. It’s super easy to use, actually and even though it is lacking some of the more advanced features some of the programs recommended below have, sometimes you just need something basic and straightforward.

However, if you want some Movie Maker alternatives for Windows 10 – programs that are at least just as good as the simple yet powerful movie editing tool from Microsoft, we are here to help and share with you below the best Windows 10 Movie Maker alternatives.

The good news is that you can still find something really good without having to spend money, so you should not despair if you have just upgraded to Windows 10 or just decided to become a movie creator.

Now let’s check out the best free Movie Maker alternatives below and how to download them all.

1. EzVid

best movie maker alternatives 01

We’re starting with this surprisingly good free video editing software that allows you to do everything that you could in Movie Maker and do it fast. It also has support for in screen recording, voice synthesis, webcam or facecam and much more.

This is a very basic program that won’t offer too many features, but if you need something simple and easy to use (and also not too demanding on resources, this is it!). EZVideo is really good and it’s free, so don’t hesitate to download it here.

2. VideoLAN Movie Creator

best movie maker alternatives 02

Another piece of free software created by those who brought us the impressive video player VLC. It is lightweight and fast, it is extremely easy to use and has support for virtually any type of video file that you can get your hands on.

It also offers a few more advanced features, like multiple tracks for video and audio, cutting and merging and much more.

In other words, it’s perfect for your projects, as long as you’re not trying to actually make a full-length action movie. Click here to download it.

3. Blender

This is probably the most advanced free software that you can get right now to help you create movies and definitely one of the best Movie Maker alternatives on the market.

However, it might be a bit too much for your needs if you are only looking for video editing tools, as Blender can do much more, like modeling, sculpting and everything else related to design. But you should at least give it a try and see it in its entire glory here.

4. Shotcut

Very similar to Blender in concept, this one is focused on the video editing part only, so it offers exactly what you’re looking for and nothing more.

Although open source, it is constantly updated with new features and offers a ton of options to wannabe filmmakers. So no matter if you’re looking to create a hobby project, a YouTube video or even do some more advanced video editing, you can achieve it easily with Shotcut.

What I like about it is that it can be extremely easy to use and with just a few clicks, it turns into a really advanced monster for more experimented video editors out there. Get it for free here.

5. HitFilm Express

Although you will have to create an account here and the developers will try to sell you their paid programs, you are not forced to get them if you don’t want to and you will still be able to use HitFilm Express for free.

This is a truly advanced movie making program, offering all the things you would expect to get from a professional one. This means that if you’re just starting, you will need some time to get used to it, but in the end it’ll all be worth it.

So head over to the official website and download HitFilm Express for free.

You have five different programs to choose from and, in my opinion, everything you need to find an extremely useful alternative to Microsoft’s Movie Maker – one that is as advanced or as basic as you need it to be.

So download the one that you like the most – or get them all and test them all out – end have fun making videos!

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