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How to Save Snapchat Photos without Them Knowing

The great thing about Snapchat is that people who send photos are notified if the person they send the photo to try to take a screenshot of the image in order to save it and have it for later. The not-so-great thing about Snapchat photos is that they can still be saved without them knowing and I am here to share with you the details on how to do this.

Before we start, though, it’s imperative to let Snapchat users know that since any snap they send can be saved with or without them knowing, they should never send private photos or photos they would feel awkward if the entire world saw. Also, for those who want to save the snaps, they should only use these tactics to save funny memories and images and never photos that they plan to use for revenge or make a fool of that friend.

Now these being said, let’s find out below how to save Snapchat photos without them knowing: save those snaps without the people sending them knowing!

1. A difficult method to use, but a method nevertheless is to take an actual photo (with a camera or webcam or another phone) of the Snap that you want to save. The resulting quality of the image is not as good as the sent image, but it’s better than nothing so if you really want to save it, that’s how you do it.

2. The “Airplane mode” method
This one is a bit more complicated, but it allows you to screenshot the actual image. In order to do so, you have to follow the next steps:

– launch Snapchat and swipe right to see the Snapchats you have received. They will have “tap to open” normally – if it’s “tap to load” instead, tap them but don’t open them yet.

– now turn on the Airplane mode on your iPhone: simply swipe up and turn it on in the Control Center!

– now you can get back to Snapchat, open that image and screenshot it normally – since you have no internet connection, the sender won’t be notified that you took that screenshot.

– finally, the last and very important step: completely quit the app (make sure it’s not running in the background). To do so on your iPhone, simply tap the Home button, then tap the home button twice and swipe away Snapchat. You can now turn the Airplane mode off and carry on as if nothing has happened.

3. Use third party apps like Sneakaboo. You start with a few credits to save Snapchat photos without the senders knowing, but afterwards you have to pay a bit to be able to use the app. It’s your choice if it’s worth it or not!

And this is it! You now have three very different methods to save your firends’ Snapchats without them knowing – but all these methods work and are safe to use, safe as in “the sender won’t know”. Again, make sure to only use this for funny snaps and not for revenge purposes or other unorthodox reasons. People trust you by sending you some photos and you should never give them reasons not to trust you anymore!


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