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Best Way to Protect Your Torrenting

Best Way to Protect Your Torrenting

There are many things you can do online. In fact, you can practically do everything, from communicating to shopping to working to getting hold of your favorite TV shows, films, and music.

But whatever it is that you are using the internet for, you can leave yourself open to online criminals, data mining, and much more.

But if you want to protect your online identity and enjoy some anonymity when you’re using your best laptop on the web, then it’s time you thought about using a VPN, especially as it’s perhaps the best way to protect your torrenting.

What Happens When You’re Torrenting?

how to legally use torrents

While we acknowledge that some illegal torrenting is going on, and we don’t condone it, we should also recognize that there are perfectly legal torrenting services.

And it doesn’t matter if you are using a legal method because you’re still open to all the same attacks and online cybercriminal threats.

When you’re torrenting, your IP address is open to cybercriminals who know how to exploit systems to get your information as soon as you go online.

Saved passwords, personal information such as your address or card details are susceptible to hackers. It certainly makes the prospect of torrenting more daunting, especially as hackers will know to target visitors of torrenting sites.

Your internet service provider (ISP) can see which websites you go to whenever you’re using the internet at home.

So, if you’re torrenting, they’ll know what you’re up to. Some providers have strict restrictions on downloads of any sort or limit the size, so it won’t be long before they could impose a ban or reduce the speed of your service.

If you’re torrenting, that’s the last thing you want. You really want to enjoy anonymous web browsing and complete security from cyber criminals trying to get your identity and data. That’s why you want a VPN.

Protect Yourself With a VPN


The first thing is to make sure you kit yourself out with a VPN that covers all your needs. It’s no use going for a free one as that might only cover the basic masking, you want to be looking for the best VPN for torrenting like at CyberGhost, one that gives you all the levels of protection you need. Once you’ve done that, what can you expect?

On its own accord, a VPN will disguise your IP address. When you access the internet, it will change it completely using one of its servers. That way, nobody, including hackers or your ISP, will know where your connection is originating from.

As well as keeping you anonymous when you’re online, a VPN also ensures your connection is encrypted. It’s worth checking out the credentials of your VPN provider as some specialists in offering military-grade encryption, designed to keep you ultra-safe when online.

You might have noticed when you’re torrenting that your speeds start to slow down. That’s because your ISP will know what you’re up to, even if you are using legal sites. It’ll ‘throttle’ your bandwidth to ensure that everyone else using them can maintain the speeds they were promised.

Though sometimes, ISPs will automatically reduce download and upload speeds at certain times of the day, whether you like it or not. A VPN works around this.

The ISP won’t pick up the P2P traffic, so they won’t know to impose any restrictions, meaning you can continue to torrent using your high-speed broadband.

Just like we recommend checking out a VPN provider for its security, it’s also important to see if they have VPNs that specialize in torrenting, too.

The best ones out there will have specific servers set up to optimize your torrenting experience. That way, you can select the right server and then use torrenting sites with a guaranteed connection that’s secure, uninterrupted, and fast.

Enjoy Torrenting Freedom

Torrenting has become one of the most popular ways to share files. And as long as it’s not transmitting copyrighted material, it is a legal method of sharing.

But even if you are doing it safely and correctly, you’re still open to all cybercriminals and monitoring, especially torrenting sites that can be targeted by criminals, and ISPs might block sites. With a VPN, though, you can forget about all of that.

Not only will you be safe and secure when you’re downloading or uploading files, but no one will monitor you, no logs will be shared, and your data and online identity practically won’t exist. So you can enjoy the ultimate online freedom. All it takes is a VPN.

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