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Back to the Roots’ Water Garden Is an Amazing Mini Aquaponics Ecosystem

I knew very little about aquaponics before stumbling upon the Water Garden from Back to Roots, but now I am more interested that ever! The concept is extremely interesting: you get to grow fish and plants in the same ecosystem, with the fish providing nutrients for the plants with their waste, while the plants filter the water for the fish. Pretty cool, right?

Well, the Water Garden from Back to the Roots takes things to a whole new level and makes everything not only extremely affordable, but also pretty straightforward. Instead of building your own aquaponics system which might or might not work, you just buy this one and that’s it!

The Water Garden is also pretty small, so definitely indicated for beginners or those who don’t really know if they actually want to commit to something like this. I personally like to test things out first and as a result this amazing gadget is now on the top of my Christmas gifts whishlist. Hopefully Santa will read it in time!

Back to the Water Garden (you can find out more about it here), it is described as a “self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs,” with no water changes required and only needing minor maintenance every now and then: probably once every couple of months!

If you buy it – or Santa gets it for you – you will get a beautiful 3-gallon fish tank, gravel, organic seeds, Growstones, natural d-chlorinator and fish food. There’s also a coupon for a Betta fish in case you don’t have one to populate your aquaponics ecosystem.

So basically, all you have to do is to fill it with water, plant the seeds, add the fish and enjoy this amazing ecosystem on your desk or whenever you can find a great spot for it in your home. I’ve seen people storing it in the kitchen for quick access to the plants. Pretty amazing!

Now if you are to check out the reviews of this product on Amazon, you will find out that quite a few of them are negative, but don’t let that discourage you! First off, many of the negative reviews are for an older model so can be considered obsolete. Back to Roots actually improved their product and manage to turn it into a really good working aquaponics system.

However, it’s not really work free either. You might also need to add a few things to make sure that everything works flawlessly: I would personally recommend adding one or two shrimp as well in order to help clean the tank, maybe a snail too. Also, you will most likely need a thermometer/thermostat combination in order to keep the water temperature ideal for the fish. Extra gravel and maybe some underwater plants (I would recommend the Marimo ball) would make everything look even better.

As I said, you might also need to do some minor maintenance on the tank every couple of months as residue will invariably build up eventually. It’s not hard work, but you will most likely need to clean the tank every now and then unless you don’t mind the potential waste build-up.

Here is the Water Garden in action on Youtube, an update published on the Alberta Urban Garden channel two months after setting up this system. As you can see, it works really nice and maintenance is not extremely difficult:

I am extremely fascinated by this! I have always been a fan of self-supporting ecosystems or anything similar, so being able to own one – one that would also give me some herbs to actually consume would make things even more interesting. Of course, this is more of a hobby and nice looking thing than a source of food, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion.

If you agree with me, don’t forget to check out the Water Garden on Amazon and get yours now today. I would love to hear updates on how it all goes and I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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