These Are the Top 10 Best Selling Phones of All Time


Yesterday, we shared with you an article featuring the best smartphones of 2016 and today we’re sticking to the mobile market with an extremely interesting article where we’re list the top 10 best selling phones of all time. I am sure you have a favorite – an no matter if that’s the iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy model, I am sure you are extremely curious to find out which is, in the end, the best selling phone of all time and what other models made the top 10. One hint before we start: you will probably be surprised!

So, based on the sales numbers since they were launched, here are the top 10 best phones of all time:

10. Nokia 3310

best selling phones of all time 01

Released 16 years ago, this phone became a legend and the source of numerous memes over the internet. The phone that’s considered indestructible sold over 126 million units worldwide. Impresive!

9. Motorola RAZR V3

best selling phones of all time 02

Also getting the award for the best selling clamshell phone (remember the craze back in the days with these phones?), Motorola’s phone sold 130 million copies since its launch in 2004.

8. Nokia 1600

best selling phones of all time 03

Nokia’s extremely cheap phone was aimed at emerging markets like India and China and that was apparently a great move from the company, since it sold over 130 million units since its launch in 2006.

7. Nokia 2600

best selling phones of all time 04

Another extremely cheap phone, the 2600 had extremely basic features and did not include regular things in today’s phones, like Bluetooth or even a Camera. But it sold over 135 million units since its launch in 2004, so it’s truly a winner!

6. Samsung E1100

best selling phones of all time 05

This is probably not the Samsung phone you were expecting to see on this list, but the device that was launched in 2009 that offered incredible battery life (over 10 days on standby) is still used on a large scale today. It makes sense, since it sold over 150 million units!

5. Nokia 6600

best selling phones of all time 06

Although it now looks like a poor attempt at recreating a phone by a 70s sci fi flick, the Nokia 6600 was extremely popular and was all the rage back in 2003 when it was launched. Even though it was pretty expensive back then, it still managed to sell over 150 million units.

4. Nokia 5230

best selling phones of all time 07

It was back in 2009 when Nokia launched their Symbian phone, the closest thing that we have to modern smartphones. It was all the rage back then and it sold almost 151 million units, even though it had no idea what WiFi is, among other things.

3. Nokia 1200

best selling phones of all time 08

I had this model when I was younger and back then you knew you never had to worry that you’d run out of battery if you had such a phone. It was launched back in 2007 and sold well over 150 million units.

2. Nokia 1110

best selling phones of all time 09

A phone that featured white text on a black background was all the rage back in the days and became one of the most popular phones to ever be released, selling more than 250 million units since its launch

1. Nokia 1100

best selling phones of all time 10

Even though it’s not as famous as the 3310, this one is the best selling mobile phone ever. It sold over 250 million units and it was also the Nokia 1100 that was the billionth phone sold by Nokia. Amazing!

So… are you surprised to see that in the list of best selling phones of all time, there is no modern smartphone?


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