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Laptop vs Desktop Computer: Which Is Best? [Answered 2022]

Laptop vs Desktop Computer: Which Is Best? [Answered 2022]

Should I get a laptop or a desktop computer? Are desktop computers better than laptops of vice-versa? And which is the best, in the end – a laptop or a desktop?

We’re going to pit them head to head and see what the winners are – but in the end, know that a bit of subjectivity and personal preference is involved when making such an important decision.

In today’s world, we can consider laptops better than desktop computers because they are portable. But apart from that, they are not necessarily better in terms of specifications, performance or anything else actually when compared to a desktop computer.

But in a world where being able to work from bed, from a lounger near the pool, from the plane or anywhere else in the world, it’s the portability that matters and this is what makes more people prefer laptops to desktop computers.

In a poll that we conducted on Facebook on our group, a whooping 78% of our readers chose laptop over traditional desktop computers.

Laptop or Desktop computer poll

However, it still depends on how exactly you are planning to use the said device. Because in some cases – generally for work or gaming – desktop computers might be the better choice as they can offer more power, larger screens and better overall performance.

You can find laptops that are on par with the best performing computers out there, but there will always be limitations. And their price will usually be a lot higher than that of a traditional desktop computer.

But this doesn’t really bother most users out there, because there are very few jobs (or hobbies) that are best performed on a traditional computer and, with the correct laptop, there’s nothing one can’t handle.

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I personally prefer my desktop computer over my laptop, although I started to put more and more work on my laptop in the past few years. But I work all day in front of the computer, so the larger screen is extremely useful.

So is having a great keyboard at the perfect height, on my desk. But apart from that, in terms of performance, both devices are very similar.

Laptop vs Desktop Computer

Now let’s pit the two against each other and see what are the main advantages of each. Based on what you need and how you plan to use the device, it will be easier for you to decide which is best in your particular case.

I’ll have to start by saying that, most likely, the laptop will be your winner.

Laptop advantages

– Highly portable and compact
– Lower power consumption
– Doesn’t need constant electricity to work
– Can offer solid performance (for a price)
– Can offer extra bells and whistles: touch screen, touchpad, more ports that desktops
– Easy to use, no assembly required

Desktop advantages

– Generally, better performance than laptops
– Larger screens are almost guaranteed and it’s easy to setup multiple screens
– Cheaper than laptops (when talking about same specs)
– Full sized keyboard & mouse for better precision
– Generally easier to repair and/or upgrade
– Desktops usually offer more storage out of the box

It’s not just the advantages that we have to look at. Each device comes with its own set of cons, so let’s look at those and compare as well.

Laptop disadvantages

– More difficult to repair and upgrade
– Smaller screen than on a desktop
– Usually more expensive (at same specs)
– Gaming laptops will still have more limitations than desktops
– Usually, less storage than desktops

Desktop disadvantages

– Not portable
– Higher power consumption & won’t work without electricity
– More difficult to assemble
– No touchpad or touchscreen
– You need dedicated space for it

Looking at all the advantages and disadvantages, now that we have them on screen, we can conclude that at least in theory, Desktops are still the better choice. They are cheaper, generally offer better performance and have larger screens.

But people still prefer laptops over desktops because the former are more portable. If this is not a must for you, then definitely choose a desktop computer over a laptop.

This is also the case for most gamers who are serious about their hobby (or turn it into a their job), but also those in different work fields – especially programmers, designers and more. We did share the best laptops for live streaming – so everything can be accomplished on a laptop, in reality.

As I said in the beginning, choosing your winner is all based on personal preference. Looking at the big picture, desktop computers are offering a lot more than laptops – and for a lower price – but in today’s world, when portability is essential, the fact that you can carry your laptop around wherever you go tips the balance in their favor.

Now over to you: are you one of the 78% of people, like in our poll’s results, that prefer laptops over desktop computers? Or you still take all the other advantages that desktops have and choose them instead?