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How to Make Your Laptop Look Cool?

How to Make Your Laptop Look Cool?

No matter if we’re talking about an old laptop or a new one, you want to make it look cool and unique. This is what we’re here to help you with: to share some ideas on how to make an old laptop look cool, but also how to make your new laptop look cool.

Fortunately, you have many options to customize the looks of your laptop and really make it your own – and to stand out as well. These methods are cheap and easy to apply, so let’s get straight to the gist of things and answer the burning question…

How to Make a Laptop Look Cool?

In order to make your laptop look cool and unique, you have various options that we’ll talk about in depth today: using laptop skins, decals and stickers, use fancy accessories and laptop bags, give it a thorough scrub but also do some “internal” updating, like changing wallpapers and doing some spring cleaning on the laptop.

We’re going to get in depth with each of the recommended methods above, so that you know exactly what you can do.

1. Use Laptop Skins & Decals

laptop skins

Probably the easiest way to customize your laptop and making it look cool is applying a skin or decal.

These items will easily stick on your laptop’s chassis and they come in various designs. It’s impossible not to find something you’ll absolutely like and which matches your personality and/or sends a message.

Just make sure that you pick a laptop skin or decal that is suitable for your laptop’s size. Applying it is a breeze: simply place it on top of your laptop’s chassis and you’re all set! Easy to do and can instantly offer a complete makeover to your laptop, making it look really cool.

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2. Use Laptop Stickers

laptop stickers

I personally prefer laptop stickers to a decal, because this gives you the chance to add a multitude of models and truly make the laptop unique.

Stickers are smaller and you can place anything from one to a couple dozen (or even more) on your laptop, depending on your preferences and their size. I usually choose to add no more than 5-6 on my laptop, but you can do whatever you feel is right.

Laptop stickers can be bought in packs – around a theme or random – or piece by piece based on what you like. You have a ton to choose from and it’s impossible not to find a least a dozen that you’ll love.

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3. Accessorize your laptop!

laptop accessories

There are lots of accessories that you can purchase to make your laptop stand out. From a nice looking gaming mouse to a led pad (affiliate link) or light bars (affiliate link), you have tons of options to make your laptop stand out.

It is true – most of the accessories are not extremely portable, but if that’s not really a problem you really have a ton of options available to bring up the coolness factor of your laptop by 1,000.

4. Get a fancy laptop bag

laptop bag

If you can’t get many accessories because you’re always traveling with your laptop around, then a nice looking laptop bag or case is what you need to make your device stand out.

We have already discussed how important laptop cases really are – now it’s time for you to choose one that fits your personality.

Fortunately, you have a ton of options in this area as well, so probably the most important decision to make, before even looking at designs that you love, is that of going for a laptop case or a laptop bag.

The latter usually offers more space and is larger – so better suited if you also plan to carry around other things and not just the laptop, while a case will generally fit your laptop only.

5. Clean your laptop!

clean laptop

A dirty laptop is an ugly laptop and that’s never cool. But you can easily clean your laptop and make it look like new!

Using laptop-friendly and screen-friendly cleaning products, give your laptop a thorough clean after shutting it down and unplugging the charging cable.

Remove all those grease marks from the case and keyboard, clean that display and your laptop will look amazing! Make sure to do this once ever 1-2 weeks.

6. Change your wallpaper

Wallpapers are extremely important, because you will see a lot of them when using the device. Therefore, having one you really enjoy can make a difference.

Also, you can easily set up Windows to change your wallpaper with a new one every now and then, so that you never get bored with the same image.

I personally have close to 200 individually selected images that are changed every 15 minutes and I can tell you that I never get bored. I recommend you doing the same (maybe start with fewer images, though) and you’ll see how much things change.

7. Organize your desktop

clean desktop

A messy desktop doesn’t go well with the idea of a cool laptop. So take some time to organize it, remove those old files and icons that you never click and make it look nice and clean.

If you really have a ton of icons and programs and files that you need to access on a regular basis, consider creating folders and stuffing them inside. Put your game icons in a folder, put your photos in another and so on.

But the idea is that a clean desktop will make a huge difference and your laptop will look a lot better. Nobody likes a cluttered mess, no matter if we’re talking about real life or the display of your device!

Wrapping up

As you can see, you have lots of options available to make your laptop stand out and be cooler than other laptops. You can use any of our recommendations above or just a few. The top ones are those that will really make a difference, so make sure to check out the offer of stickers, decals and laptop skins first!

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