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Fakir Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review: Everything You Need to Know

Fakir Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review: Everything You Need to Know

Vacuums offer a quick and effortless solution, whether for crumbs on the kitchen counter, pet hair on upholstery, or dirt in tight corners. However, smaller spaces may require smaller devices – you don’t want to lug around a clunky machine that won’t fit inside your pantry.

Enter the FAKIR 2-in-1 Rechargeable Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner or FAKIR AS 1072 NT. This impressive handheld device can clean anything – from dust inside your car to accidents in your home. However, some downsides to this device may throw you for a loop.

If you’re in the market for a dependable handheld vacuum cleaner, this guide will tell you whether the FAKIR variant is worth your spend.

Quick Summary


  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Multiple attachments for added versatility
  • Cordless
  • Wet and dry functions
  • Washable filter


  • Slow charging time
  • Low runtime
  • Not as powerful as most other portable vacuums
  • Low capacity
Fakir in a box

The Good

The FAKIR has numerous add-ons, including a narrow crevice tool for vacuuming corners, a furniture brush for carpets and couches, and a wet nozzle for vacuuming spills.

While it may appear bulky, the FAKIR is surprisingly light and easy to carry around. It’s also impressively silent.


An attractive selling point for the FAKIR AS 1072 NT is its cordless functionality, allowing homeowners to use it inside vehicles. In addition, you won’t have to unplug and plug your device when switching rooms.

However, the FAKIR AS 1072 NT stands out the most because of its wet and dry functions. In the dry setting, the FAKIR functions like any other vacuum cleaner. On the wet setting, the FAKIR can clean spilled drinks. 

Regarding its power, the FAKIR boasts high-efficiency motors that can suck up animal hair, dust, debris, and even small pebbles. It does an excellent job cleaning water.

Budget-conscious homeowners will love the fact that the FAKIR has a washable filter. Of course, you’ll want to replace it eventually, but you won’t have to every time it gets dirty. 

While you’ll need to clean the FAKIR fairly often, doing so is easy – push the release button, remove the head, and empty the contents into a bin.

The Not-So-Good

Like most portable vacuum cleaners, the FAKIR doesn’t have the suction power you would expect from a regular vacuum. As such, you’ll want to vacuum heavier matter before moving on to smaller materials. 

In addition, the FAKIR’s battery power is not the best. It has a 6-battery pack NiMH that claims to run for 15 minutes. If you’re vacuuming heavier matter, you’re looking at a runtime of closer to 10 minutes. 

The FAKIR’s biggest downfall is how long it takes to achieve a full charge. It takes roughly 15 hours to charge the FAKIR, and its red light indicator doesn’t turn green when finished – you’ll have to time the charge yourself. 

Here is what the FAKIR looks like charging:

The charger at work. Or not, who knows?

While the low content capacity for this machine may seem like an obvious disadvantage, the FAKIR isn’t for heavy vacuuming.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the FAKIR AS 1072 NT is a decent portable vacuum ideal for people living in smaller spaces or with a vehicle. 

It’s a versatile device with several attachments and dual wet and dry functions. However, charging takes a long time and doesn’t run for over 15 minutes.

Do you have recommendations for handheld vacuums? Let us know your suggestions!