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Best 500GB SSD for the Money in 2022

Best 500GB SSD for the Money in 2022

SSDs are essential components of modern computers or laptops today. They are blazing fast, reliable and durable… and they are becoming cheaper and cheaper as time goes by.

And the best deals at the moment can be found for 500GB SSDs – these are reasonably priced, while offering decent amounts of storage for gaming and daily activities. Sure, more storage is always better, but today we’re focusing on the best 500GB SSDs for the money in 2022.

Offering blazing fast reading and writing speeds, these new drives will load up your operating system, programs and games a lot faster than the old HDDs. If you haven’t tested a SSD yet, you have to and you’ll never want to get back to your old HDD!

So without further ado, let’s check out the best 500GB SSDs below. We’re listing them in an easy to read table below in case you’re in a hurry – but we also have a more in-depth look at each model, in case you want to get all the details about our recommendations.

Please note: Our blog gets commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

addlink NVMe SSD
addlink nvme
Editor’s Choice
Capacity: 512GB
Read/Write speed: 3,400MB/2,000MB
Check Price
Crucial MX500
crucial ssd small
Best SATA 3
Capacity: 500GB
Read/Write speed: 560/510
Check Price
Samsung 870 EVO
samsung 860 evo ssd small
Capacity: 500GB
Read/Write speed: 560/530
Check Price
Kingston A400
kingston a400 ssd small
Best Budget
Capacity: 480GB
Read/Write speed: 500/450
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Note: As you can see, these SSDs don’t offer EXACTLY 500GB of storage space. They do offer around 500GB, because this is how SSDs are built – as opposed to traditional HDDs which all have similar storage.

Either way, these are the top recommendations and SSDs you will absolutely love using.

In the end, a few GBs more or less won’t make a huge difference. What matters the most is the high quality of the products and the blazing speed because that’s why you’re buying a Solid State Drive in the first place for!

And all our recommended SSDs below meet all the requirements and pass all quality checks!

So without any further ado, let’s check out the reviews of the best ~500GB SSD for the money in 2022! We’re listing them below from the cheapest to the most expensive (at the moment of writing this article – make sure you check out all the prices before making your purchase!)

addlink NVMe SSD – Editor’s Choice

addlink ssd

Addlink might not come with the easy to recognize brand name, but their NVMe SSD is absolutely amazing and our top choice, without a doubt.

The only thing you must double check before getting it is your motherboard: make sure that you can actually connect the NVMe as it doesn’t work with a SATA cable, like the others on our list. Note: most laptops come with NVMe support, but it’s still best to double check.

If you do have room for it, definitely get it as it is the best choice – and the fastest by far. Offering amazing reading/writing speeds of 3.4 GB/s and 2 GB/s respectively, the addlink SSD offers 512GB of storage and is built on existing, high quality technology that makes it durable and trustworthy.

Sure, you might have not heard about this brand before, but it’s safe and high quality. And blazing fast – definitely a worthy top pick, as long as your motherboard is new enough to come with at least one NVMe slot.

Click here to check its price on Amazon.

Crucial MX500 – Best SATA 3 Option

crucial ssd

One of the cheapest 500GB SSDs that you can purchase at the moment, Crucial is also not a very well known brand, but one that has been around for a while and was met with positive reviews.

Also, if you can’t go for a NVMe SSD, this one (like all our recommendations starting now) can be easily connected using a SATA cable, which is something all modern motherboards offer. So you shouldn’t run into any problems actually installing it into your desktop computer (might be a different story with laptops though).

It offers exactly 500GB of storage, but also really fast writing and reading speeds (560MB per second and 510MB per second respectively). This is really fast – especially when compared with old HDDs, meaning that you will be able to boot up Windows 10 in a couple of seconds.

A big bonus of this model is the fact that it comes with 256-bit hardware-based encryption, meaning that your data is as safe as possible.

Overall, we consider the Crucial MX500 to be the best SATA 3 SSD that you can buy for the money this year. Fast, reliable, cheap. Just how we like them!

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Samsung 870 EVO

samsung 870 evo ssd

This one is considered by many the best SSD out there and it is, without a doubt, a really good model. It’s also faster than its predecessor, the Samsung 860 EVO which is a best-selling SSD that everybody loved.

With faster reading and writing speeds (560 Mb/sec and 530 MB/sec respectively), Samsung’s SSD is extremely fast and you have absolutely no reasons to complain about it.

It’s also a perfect SSD for gaming and more active purposes, as it has been tested and approved to work for 2,400 TB written – that’s a lot of data, so expect to have it working flawlessly for many years to come.

With a capacity of exactly 500GB, Samsung’s 870 EVO is a perfect choice for those looking for a high quality product manufactured by a well known and respectable brand. It is indeed a bit more expensive than the others on our list, but you know that your money are well spent.

Click here to check price on Amazon.

Kingston A400 – Best Budget Award

kingston a400 ssd

I have to admit that I am a bit fan of the Kingston brand – they’re my go-to brand when it comes to microSD cards. But their SSDs are equally well and we have to admit that the design of the A400 SSD catches your eye instantly. Really cool!

Of course, we’re not getting a storage device based on its looks and fortunately the Kingston A400 delivers on all fronts.

We’re getting 480GB of storage out of it, with super fast speeds of 500MB/second (reading) and 450 MB/second (writing).

Yes, this isn’t the fastest SSD on our list, but it is the cheapest, so if you are on a tighter budget but you still want a high quality SSD, then you have this one as an option.

Tip: Do check the prices of all the others also, as you never know when a special promotion hits and you might be able to snag a faster one for an even lower price than the Kingston A400.

Click here to check its price on Amazon.


Above, you have four really good and extremely affordable Solid State Drives. No matter which one you buy, you will surely be extremely satisfied with their performance and durability – that’s a certainty.

As you have read already, if your computer or laptop is capable of supporting a NVMe SSD, definitely choose the addlink model which is up to 4 times faster than the other SSDs.

But if you can only accommodate SATA 3 storage devices, go with your favorite model from the remaining three.