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Best 480GB & 500GB SSD for the Money in 2018

Best 480GB & 500GB SSD for the Money in 2018

Solid State Drives – or SSDs – are essential components of any modern computer today. Offering blazing fast reading and writing speeds, these new drives will load up your operating system, programs and games a lot faster than the old HDDs. If you haven’t tested a SSD yet, you have to and you’ll never want to get back to your old HDD! And we’re here to share with you the best options for the money – the best 480 and 500GB SSDs for 2018.

Why the strange numbers? Initially, we wanted to keep everything simple and titled the article “Best 500GB SSD in 2018” but that would’ve been slightly misleading. Today’s SSDs come with various storage capabilities and the norm around the 500GB margin is actually between 480GB and 525GB.

So yes, you’re getting around 500GB of storage, but a few GBs more or less won’t matter that much. What matters the most is the high quality of the products and the blazing speed because that’s why you’re buying a Solid State Drive in the first place for! And all our recommended SSDs below meet all the requirements and pass all quality checks!

So without any further ado, let’s check out the best ~500GB SSD for the money in 2018! We’re listing them below from the cheapest to the most expensive (at the moment of writing this article – make sure you check out all the prices before making your purhcase!)

Please note: Our blog gets commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

Crucial MX300 525GB


This is a relatively new release and one thing I like about new releases is that they manage to offer amazing prices – and this one is probably one of the cheapest SSDs you can purchase at the moment, and one that doesn’t trade away quality for a reduced price.

Just to back up my words and reasons for choosing it, we have Amazon that ranks this Solid State Drive as the #1 New Release in the Internal SSD category on their website (or at least did so when the article was originally published). In other words, the Crucial MX300 525GB SSD is great!

What does it offer? Well, apart from the obvious – which is 525GB of storage, it also comes with great writing and reading speed (up to 530 / 510 MB/s). This means that it can boot up your computer in a matter of seconds and all operations that require writing/reading from the disk will be dealt with extreme speed.

You can also use the manufacturer’s Momentum Cache app that will increase the writing/reading numbers to incredible values, some of our tests showing up to 1GB writing/reading speed. Now that’s absolutely insane!

Overall, the Crucial MX300 525GB is probably the best SSD you can buy for the money: great price for a great product! Click here to buy or find out more about it.

Kingston HyperX Savage 480GB


I love the Kingston brand and the HyperX line is a great option for budget-oriented customers. I always trust their products and at the moment of writing this, my computer runs on HyperX RAM and I have no complaints.

The same can be said about their SSDs. Even though it offers slightly less in terms of storage space compared to the Crucial MX300 and it’s usually a bit more expensive, you will really like what it has to offer.

This SSD comes with a three-year warranty and delivers lightning-fast reading and writing speeds (up to 560MB/s read and 530MB/s write). It also has a really nice design – but that won’t matter for most people since it will be hidden behind a case, which is indeed a shame. But it’s no shame that it can boot up your computer in several seconds and deliver safe and fast storage for your files. A very good product!

Click here to buy or find out more about it.

Samsung 850 EVO


This one is considered by many the best SSD out there and it is, at the moment of writing, the best selling SSD on Amazon. It also has some outstanding reviews, something that very few products manage to get: at the moment of writing this article, there are over 12,300 reviewers who rated, on average, 4.8 out of 5 stars for the Samsung 850 EVO.

That’s absolutely insane and proves just how good this Solid State Drive is. It also won awards from various publications, one of them being PC Gamer who considers Samsung’s SSD “The best SSD for Gaming”.

So, what do you get? You get a 500GB storage drive that has reading and writing speeds up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s and comes with a 5-year warranty. The good news about it is that, similarly to the Crucial MX300, it comes with the TurboWrite feature which can increase the writing/reading speed even more.

It is indeed a bit pricier, but it has been tested over and over again by tens of thousands of people all over the world and they have all been satisfied, so you can’t go wrong with this one!

Click here to buy it or find our more.

Here you have three really good and extremely affordable Solid State Drives. No matter which one you buy, you will surely be extremely satisfied with their performance and durability.

These are the best SSDs for the money in 2018: they all offer great performance and are extremely safe, while the prices are low, probably the lowest in the still growing world of Solid State Drives.

So no matter if you go with the highly popular Samsung 850 Evo or go for the cheap Crucial MX300, you should be very happy because you made a great deal.

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