Viber Share Location: How to Deactivate or Activate It


Viber has a really interesting feature that allows you to share your location with the people you are talking to: and also see their location if they have enabled this feature. However, you might not want to share your location with everybody for whatever reasons you might have: but still do this if you have enabled this feature in the past and forgot about it.

Today we’re going to talk about Viber’s location sharing and how to turn it off (or on) if you want to stop sharing or start sharing your location with the people you are talking to.

In order to access the location sharing option in Viber, you will have to first launch the application, then tap the “More” button (the 3 dots).

There, you have the option to Share Location (on iOS) or Send Location (Android).

If this is the first time you are trying to use this feature, a permission menu will pop up, asking you to allow Viber to access your location. Make sure you allow this, otherwise you won’t be able to share your location on Viber!

Can I set a fake location on Viber?

Many people have asked me if they can instruct Viber to share a different location than the real one and the answer is NO. You can’t do that because Viber doesn’t allow you to select your location but automatically finds it by using a combination of Wi-Fi and GPS information – based on the permissions you have set.

The location might not be very precise in many cases, but you can’t affect it and share a fake location with the people you’re chatting with on Viber.

So this would be it in terms of activating or deactivating the Viber Share Location feature. I hope you find this article useful and you’ll use the feature at its best – and stop using it when you think it makes no sense for your messaging partners to know your real location.


  1. Actually you can fake a location but not withing viber. You need to install a gps faker app. Then Viber will also show this location.

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