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Sneakairs Are the Smart Shoes that Help You Get to Your Destination

Even though some of the recently announced smart gadgets seem a bit too much, others are extremely promising. The Sneakairs are what I’m talking about: the world’s first pair of shoes that will act a bit like a portable GPS and will literally take you where you want to be, without you having to keep an eye on maps, other apps or ask complete strangers.

Apart from the great name, the Sneakairs have a small vibrating motor inside, right where your heel will be. This motor connects wirelessly, via Bluetooth, to your mapping app and syncs with it, sending you vibrations in your right feet when you have to turn right and left feet when you have to turn left. It also buzzes twice when you go off route and three times when you reach your destination. In other words, it seems like the perfect addition for travelers worldwide who want to keep their eyes up, looking at the goodies new cities have to offer, while still getting exactly where they want to – and do that quickly.

The smart shoes are in prototype stages yet and I can only hope that their creators – no other than low-cost carrier Easyjet – will turn them into reality. It seems that they will, as you can see on their official page here. They appear to have been tested in Barcelona so far, but they would definitely anywhere in the world as long as a map is avaialb.e

We have no pricing information at the moment, nor any other details, but the concept seems pretty simple: wear the shoes, connect them to your iPhone, set your destination and get there without looking at the map once. This is extremely useful for tourists or for any moment when you don’t really know how to get to a place and I can only hope that the sensors are durable enough to function for hundreds of hours.


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