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Seagate 10TB Hard Drive Launches: You Know You Want It!

Seagate 10TB Hard Drive Launches: You Know You Want It!

I sure know I want it! Seagate has just made their mammoth 10TB hard drive available for purchase and, at least for a few years, that should offer enough storage space for all our po…uhm… classic literature collection and artsy movies. If, just having double digit storage space from a single HDD is a big enough reason to be extremely happy.

The new 10TB hard drive from Seagate is a standard 3.5-inch drive and if you wonder how on Earth did they manage to cram that much storage in such little space, the answer is Helium. It’s not very clear right now how and why helium helps, but it does and that’s all that matters in the end. Give us storage and we won’t care about the rest!

Although I managed to find one Seagate 10TB HDD for sale on Amazon (affiliate link), at the moment of writing this article, the hard drives are aimed at enterprises and businesses, especially because they have a huge recommended price: around $700 per piece, which is a lot right now.

However, Seagate launcehd an 8TB HDD last year and its price has dropped to around $300, so pretty soon these mammoth storage devices will surely be available for regular home users as well at decent prices. Until then, we can look at them and drool. Either way, the future looks amazing when it comes to storage space as well.

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