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Samsung Prepares Amazing Smartphone / Tablet / Smartwatch Hybrid

This is the future! Stuff that only the most daring minds in science fiction literature dared to dream about is becoming reality! Samsung has just filled a patent for an absolutely amazing, breathtaking and completely futuristic hybrid that can be used either as a smartphone, tablet or even worn as a smartwatch depending on your needs. This is absolutely amazing and truly unbelievable, but bound to happen sooner rather than later.

According to Trusted Reviews, the patent filled by Samsung refers to a smartphone with a stretchable display: according to the patent, it’s a device using stretchable display and controlling method of the same, meaning that you can actually somehow stretch both the display, as well as everything else in order to make it as small as a smartwatch that you can wear on your wrist or as large as a 10-inch tablet. It can also be used as a smartphone, but judging from the images in the patent, it won’t be your regular type of smartphone.

Check the images below to see for yourself:

samsung patent hybrid phone tablet watch 02

samsung patent hybrid phone tablet watch 03

For a while now, Samson has teased us with their flexible OLED screen, but that won’t hit the market until “sometime in 2017” so we still have a little while to wait and see it at work. We don’t even know if it’s the flexible OLED screen that will be the base for this new phone / tablet / watch hybrid, but if it happens, it’s most likely going to happen a while after the release of the flexible screen tech, further meaning that we might not get a chance to see the patented device from Samsung earlier than 2018. Still, it’s sooner than 2200 or more as some sci-fi authors anticipated.


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