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Samsung Announce Impressive 8K TV to Be Launched in 2018

Samsung Announce Impressive 8K TV to Be Launched in 2018

There’s not a ton of 4K content available at the moment worldwide, but that’s not stopping Samsung from offering even more impressive technological advances. As a result, the company is planning to release an 8K TV in 2018.

Samsung has announced the upcoming release of their 8K TV line recently, saying that you will get sharper, crisper and more realistic images than ever. The price of such a TV will be really high (at least judging from early rumors as no official data is known yet), but it’ll be all worth it if you want the best possible image quality.

There’s one minor problem at the moment though: there’s little if any content available in 8K resolution. But at least with the technology to render such content, hopefully companies will start offering options in that area too.

Samsung’s upcoming 8K TVs will have an impressive resolution of 7840 x 4320 pixels, also known as 4320p resolution. Just for comparison, it’s worth noting that 4K TVs have a 2160p resolution, while Full HD resolution sits at 1080p.

But the increase in resolution is not the only thing that the upcoming 8K TVs from Samsung will excel at. The company also claims that their new products will have peak brightness levels four times higher than the current generation television sets, without any significant increase in electrical costs. This sounds really good, as it will ensure closer to reality colors, with true black blacks and brighter whites.

But is it worth it?

Since there’s very little content available in 8K resolution and it will surely take some time before you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows in 8K, the important question is the one above: is it worth investing in an 8K TV?

With prices most likely stellar, you’d be tempted to say that it’s better to wait a bit for a price drop. But if you really want to be among the first to get access to such impressive technology, you should know that Samsung’s TVs have a built-in AI that uses picture-processing technology and other goodies behind the curtains to upscale regular content to 8K resolution or something that’s as close as possible.

Of course, you won’t be able to take your blurry, low resolution video filmed in 1998 and watch it in 8K with crystal clear image, but the AI does a pretty good job at improving the image quality. So even if there’s no real 8K content available, you’re still able to get a boost in the quality of the image you’re seeing. Not sure if it’s worth the price – but that’s up for you to decide.

The upcoming Samsung 8K TVs will be released sometime in 2018 – the second half of the year – and will come in high sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch versions being prepared for launch.

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