I remember that a several years ago, getting a 1 TB HDD seemed like the best thing that could happen in your life and that your storage problems would be solved forever. Speed didn’t even matter to me: all I wanted was the storage to keep tons of things on my HDD. But things change.

Today, Samsung has announced that they started shipping their impressive Samsung 850 EVO 4 TB SSD, a new storage option that shows that the time to say goodbye to the traditional HDDs is finally close. Why not here already? Well, the Samsung 850 EVO 4 TB is rumored to have a price of $1349, which is still a lot for most of us, even though the product itself is surely worth the investment.

Checking the prices of other Samsung 850 EVO models on Amazon, I found something funny: at the moment of writing this article, the 2TB version sells for $602 (price might change in the future as it’s a discount we’re talking about) so right now you could purchase two of those for less the amount you’d pay for the 4TB version. That if you have the pile of money waiting for a huge SSD to be released, that is…

Back to today’s topic, the 4 TB Samsung 850 EVO comes with SATA-III interface and can be used on laptops or desktop computers that have a 2.5″ slot. The transfer speed is absolutely insane at over 500MB/s, while access times are way better than those of similarly sized HDDs.

Of course, most of us will stick with the traditional storage options and just drool thinking that someday we’ll be able to afford such an amazing SSD. Judging by how things are evolving, that day will be sooner rather than later, but if you have the money right now, do yourself a favor and upgrade to a SSD – Samsung’s 850 EVO being a great choice!


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