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Opera Browser Promises 50% Longer Battery Life than Chrome

Opera Browser Promises 50% Longer Battery Life than Chrome

One of the main concerns and problems that laptop owners have to deal with on a daily basis is the battery life of their said laptop and I think we’ve all been there and done that already: be in the middle of something really important, just to run out of battery juice. Well, things are about to get better if you are using or planning to switch to the Opera browser which now promises prolonged battery life for your laptop by up to 50% compared to other browsers, specifically Chrome which has the biggest share on the market at the moment.

The extra battery juice you’ll be getting is all thanks to a new feature of the latest version of the Opera web browser which allows you to turn on the battery saving power mode, which will instantly tweak the websites you’re using to consume as little as possible. This will be done by reducing or pausing animations on browser themes, automatically pausing plug-ins that you’re not using and reducing the activity of your background tabs. I am actually surprised to hear that these simple tweaks have such a big effect on our battery life.

But apparently they do, according to testing done by the folks at Opera who published their results, as you can see in the image below:

opera browser battery life

The test was made on the new Opera browser with 11 popular websites, including YouTube, open. Each of the websites was opened in a new tab, without closing any previous ones. It was then scrolled five times and left running for one minute. The process was repeated over and over again until the laptop ran out of battery. And winning one extra hour of browsing time is definitely something to consider!

The Opera browser is one of the least popular browsers on the market, but it really deserves a chance since it’s a good browsers without any flaws (at least from what I could see from testing it here and there). Of course, most people will still stick to the browsers they’re familiar with just because… well… they’re familiar with them, but if your laptop’s battery life is extremely important to you and the extra hour that it offers would mean a lot to you, definitely try it out!

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