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One of the Strangest Wearable, Smart Gadgets Launches: the Smart Tampon

One of the Strangest Wearable, Smart Gadgets Launches: the Smart Tampon

This might sound to many like a good April 1st prank, but it really is not. Then again, I am a male and I’ve never been face-to-face with problems like menstruation, leaking tampons and other problems that might rise when your tampon is filled so I might see this completely the wrong way. But still, having a “smart” tampon that warns you when it’s filled and requires a change sounds like a bit too much… but it’s real!

Or about to get real, because the company that plans to produce these gadgets (I really don’t know how else to call them) estimates that they’ll launch them sometime in 2017, as they’re currently in the testing phases.

In order to this to work, you will need to purchase the smart device from my.Flow (yup, that’s the company producing them), install an app on your smartphone and get ready to receive push notifications and get access to your tampon data at all times. The gadget is estimated to cost around $49, while the special tampons costing around $10. So yes, apparently they will work with smart tampons only (because they have a Bluetooth module at the end of the string).

smart tampons my flow1

You’ll always know the fill-ratio down there…

So yes… that sounds like the one type of push notification that you don’t want people to know about, but if you have problems with your regular tampons or you just think that this might be a great idea, it will soon become real and your menstruation worries – or at least some of them – should end.

I am really curious to hear a lady’s opinion on the matter and let a guy know: this is really as strange as it seems to me or it’s actually very useful?

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