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New & Better RAT Gaming Mice Shipped by Mad Catz

In the gaming world, Mad Catz is known as the manufacturer of some of the best and most affordable gaming mice on the market, which makes them extremely popular among professional and amateur gamers worldwide. They will all be very happy to hear that the company completely upgraded their RAT line of gaming mice, delivering better products that will turn you, hopefully, into a better gamer.

MadCatz’ line of RAT gaming mice (RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RATPRO S+, and RAT PRO X+) includes newly-installed sensors to improve the overall performance of user commands, including faster reaction times, new button configurations designed to better engage in game play and further enhance the feel and comfort of each mouse, and other new features like a brand new color scheme.

You can check out the image below for an overview of each of the gaming mice in the RAT line, as well as their top features:


For those who really want to make the mouse they get their own, Mad Catz offers Kameleon RGB Technology which allows you to select one of the 16.8 million colors and apply various illumination effects to your mouse.

You can already purchase the updated RAT gaming mice, except for the RATPRO S+ and RAT PRO X+ which are expected to launch by the end of this fiscal year (meaning that we could see them on market in early 2017). The prices of the current products range from $29.99 to $99.99 and you can check them out on Amazon.

What do you think about the Mad Catz range of gaming mice? Are the futuristic designs something you’re looking for in your gaming products?


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