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Move Everything in the Cloud With the Just-Launched Amazon Unlimited Storage

A couple of months ago, we shared with you the best free cloud storage options and we still think that they are great choices for the regular user, but if you do have a ton of data, photos and videos that you’d like to securely backup online, you now have the option to do so without any limits. It sounds hard to believe, but Amazon Drive has launched the Amazon Unlimited Storage plan that allows you to do exactly what the name suggests: Securely store all of your photos, videos, files and documents in the cloud.

The service is not free of charge: you have to pay a yearly fee of $59.99, but there’s a 3 month free trial promo going at the moment of writing this, so you have a chance to test it for a while if you want to.

But there’s really not much to test, because you either need it (or want it) or you don’t. Once you sign up for the Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage, you get to download an easy to use desktop application that allows you to upload and manage your files easily. They are then stored in the cloud and available at any time. A great way to back-up and store all those precious memories and millions of photos that you have taken over the years!

“Most people have a lifetime of photos from birthdays, holidays and everyday moments stored across numerous devices—and a lot of those people don’t know how many gigabytes they need to back all those memories up, or what it’s going to cost,” said David Nenke, Director of Amazon Drive. “With our new Unlimited Storage plan, that’s no longer something customers need to worry about.”

Amazon Drive already had an interesting offer for Prime members who had the option to store an unlimited amount of photos, but if you opt in for the new plan, the “photos only” limit is removed and you can store anything, no matter how many GBs you have accumulated over the years. This sounds like a good deal to me!

If you want to give it a try, the links for each country are below:

Unlimited Storage in the US: here
Unlimited Storage in the UK: here

What do you think about this offer? Is it something you’re planning to sign up for?


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